Gudetama dental Case

Gudetama Dental Case

Gudetama is here to be your perfect dental companion!

Warm and cute, this container box is perfect to store your clear aligners (Invisalign) or your nightguard at home or on a trip.

Stay comfy at home while you keep your dental appliances safe in this Gudetama dental case!

Lazy Gudetama is your guide to a bright new smile… even when you’re on the go!

How Do I Get A Gudetama Dental Case?

Adult Patient Holding Gudetama Dental Case in front of Hollywood Chinese Theatre in Los AngelesWe believe in helping you stay healthy at home and on the go!

Exclusive for our orthodontic patients at Sanrio x Parklane, this special case is perfect to store your dental appliances.

We are happy to offer our Gudetama dental case as a complimentary gift to your treatment!

The dental case is complimentary for our Smile Makeover patients with dental appliances. Cosmetic patients will love this dental case for your Take-Home Whitening Kit!

What Can My Gudetama Dental Case Protect?

Dental appliances come in many shapes and sizes! This case can help protect your dental appliances and keep them safe and clean.

  • That includes dental trays and aligners like Invisalign (clear aligners) and also any post-treatment retainers!
  • For our our egg-stra lazy friends who love sports… you can safeguard your their sports mouthguard in the cutest dental case!
  • After waking up a restful night of sleep, protect your snore guard (for snoring) or your night guard (for teeth grinding) with the help of Gudetama!

Ask about our Smile Makeover journey at your next visit to get your Gudetama dental case!

Gudetama Dental Case Giveaway

Child Gudetama Dental Case

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We are giving a Gudetama dental case to lucky winners! 

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Orthodontic Patients

Gudetama Dental Case

Shake your grumpy dental routine with this cute exclusive Gudetama dental box!

This is available as a complimentary gift to all our orthodontic patients of all ages at Parklane Dental in Temple City.

We’ll be using the state of the art technology to take a 3D Image of your teeth, so you can see your beautiful smile before beginning your orthodontic treatment.

Our patients who are receiving braces or Invisalign treatment can receive this special gift, so book your free braces exam now!

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