What is  Dental deep cleaning?

Feeling gum sensitivity?

That might be from gum disease!

Our hygiene team are experts at keeping your gum disease in check with deep cleaning treatments!

This special treatment is done by our dental hygienists who are professionals at spotting and eliminating plaque from your teeth and gums. 

All our locations can help treat your gum disease with special deep cleaning so your gums can feel better and recover!

What is Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Dental deep cleaning, also known as gum therapy, is a non-surgical treatment that cleans out the teeth beyond a routine cleaning. The official dental term is periodontal scaling and root planning. 

What Is Deep Cleaning?

The procedure is more extensive than a standard cleaning because it is designed to treat gum disease and stop it from becoming worse. During the procedure, your dental hygienist will clean out the tooth, gum line, and the sides of the teeth.

This process requires at least twice the length of time to enact steps to remove tartar buildup down below the gum line to the root of the tooth. This process is then referred as a root planning and scaling. 

What is Periodontitis?

Doctor Showing Signs of Gum DiseasePeriodontitis is a chronic infection and a gum disease.

Bacteria can collect in the gaps and pockets and spaces below the gum line. These gaps are called perio pockets, and are where plaque bacteria reside.

Then the bacteria release acids that dissolve the bone tissue between the teeth and the jawbone.

Thus, the plaque from the bacteria can build up to form tartar, usually due to inadequate oral hygiene and infrequent flossing.

Gum Disease needs gum treatment!

This gum disease is common but is mostly preventable. Symptoms can include swollen or puffy gums (feeling tender or bleed easily), bad breath, pus in gum line, loose teeth, painful chewing, and new spaces between your teeth.

If you notice any symptoms, let us know so we can help you seek treatment at Parklane Dental!

What is the difference with standard cleaning?

Doctor doing dental exam and teeth cleaning on adult patientA standard cleaning can not remove plaque when it hardens and turns into tartar.

A regular cleaning removes plaque on your teeth, but periodontistis is formed when plaque forms below the gum line.

This is why a normal teeth cleaning would not address gum disease!

If regular hygiene and flossing habits are not followed, your gums may show symptoms of gingivitis. If left untreated, this can further result in peridontistis. 

An x-ray is then taken to read the pocket depth of your gum line. If the gum line is too deep or filled with plaque buildup, a standard cleaning will not get the job done.

The goal of a standard cleaning is routine, preventative maintenance (just like your annual health checkups!) The goal of deep cleaning is to stop the progression of periodontal diseases. 

What happens if I leave my gum disease untreated?

Adult Teeth Cleaning with Dental HygienistOnly your dental team can tell you for sure based on your unique dental situation of your gumline.

If left untreated, periodontists will eventually lead to the loss of your teeth. As a normal cleaning can not removed the hardened tartar, the gum line will continue to recede and the tooth will be exposed, leading to nerve pain and further plaque buildup. 

Patients respond really well to dental cleaning. Dental deep cleaning can often be done in a single visit to to Parklane Dental.

However, if your oral condition is experiencing trouble spots or the gum disease might be widespread, our dental team will usually work on one side of your mouth per appointment.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask us at your next appointment!

How do I prepare for dental deep cleaning?

Adult Patient Visit to Hello KittyDeep cleaning can cause slight discomfort, so Dr. Eric To and your dental team here will use a local anesthetic to help you feel more comfortable.

Let us know what medication you are taking so we can best accommodate your health history. Your teeth might be sensitive following the procedure, and this is normal. Give us a call if the situation does not improve!

After your deep cleaning, your hygienist at Parklane Dental will share home care instructions base on your unique dental situation.

You will most likely be given a follow-up appointment for periodontal maintenance to check on your condition.

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Dr. Eric To performing exam on adult patient

It is common to increase the frequency of regular teeth cleanings to more than twice a year. This is to help reduce the plaque buildup that immediately follows a cleaning to prevent new infection and promote healing. 

Deep cleaning is a specialized treatment from our dental hygiene team at our locations in Arcadia and Temple City. This service can be scheduled for an appointment by phone!

The best way to find your availabilities is to call us directly to chat with a patient coordinator. 

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