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Dr. Eric To built Parklane Dental as a dentistry for people of all ages!

Our clinical teams combine cutting-edge dental technology and decades of experience in the most beautiful and relaxing environment.

We are proud of the many awards and recognition for our dental expertise and support for our community. Here are some recent awards!

dental town – february 2020

Parklane Dental is on the February 2020 cover issue of Dental Town!

Recently Dental Town visited Parklane Dental in Temple City to see just how our dental team crafted comfort-based dentistry with the help of Hello Kitty and Gudetama!

In this Dental Town cover story, Dr. To explains the personal story that inspired him to collaborate with Sanrio Inc to launch the only dentistry featuring these popular animated characters. 

Dental Town goes into details on how your favorite dental team switches between family dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry on different days. Read more in the February 2020!

Trailblazer of the Year 2019

The Parklane Dental team at Temple City, CA is honored with the Trailblazer of the Year Award at the 2019 Annual Awards from the Asian Business League of Southern California. Dr. Eric To is incredibly proud to accept this award on behalf of our dental team.

This year, Parklane Dental was selected for our innovative take on dentistry by combining our exceptional patient services with excellent clinical results with the latest dental technologyAs a result, our dental team delivers comfort-focused experience open to patients of all ages. We are incredibly proud of our entire dental team, and immensely thankful to our community and patients for your support! 

Outstanding Business Awards 2019

Dr. Eric To is excited to share that Parklane Dental took home the Outstanding Business Award at the Temple City Business Awards 2019. Championing family and child dentistry through design and comfort-based dentistry, Dr. To accepted the award as presented by Temple City Mayor Nanette Fish and recognized by the LA county. 

This honor means an incredible honor for us. We are incredibly proud to serve patients and fans from our community, and it brings us great joy to represent our city to visitors from all over the world for the #SanrioxParklane experience!

 Dental Office Design of the Year 2014 

Parklane Dental, arcadia

Letter from American Dental Association (ADA)

Parklane Dental Award

Please join me in congratulating Parklane Dental on the winner of 2014 Dental Office Design of the Year presented by American Dental Association (ADA). Selected from over 40 entries nationwide, Parklane Dental is recognized as the most effective dental facility with the latest in dental office design and technology so that can provide the highest level of service to their patients. Our office was laboriously designed to accommodate patient comfort and ease into his or her appointment. 

Revised Facebook Ad for Best Dental Office

From the moment of walking in, patients are welcome by a grand and open environment to be served by quality patient relations staff that will provide with all your needs at our office. Our transparent and accessible rooms cultivates an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for both patients and our staff to interact with friendliness and satisfaction. Our office not only have private operating rooms for privacy concerns, but also clear and spacey room for easy navigation and communication with our staff. 

2014 Dental Office Design contest winners announced

dr. eric to – 2014 top dentists
(pasadena magazine)

Pasadena Magazine


Pasadena Magazine 2013


oz_show copy

Dr. To has been invited on numerous television programs and radio shows, reaching a diversity of Los Angeleons in our community. His active participation has included not only answering general questions regarding oral health but also showcasing informational presentations on maintaining oral hygiene.

During the episode, Dr. To reviews the latest technology in orthodontic treatment: Invisalign (clear braces). If you are thinking about fixing your smile, ask us if this is the right option and fit for you! Look out for Dr. To in your local television and radio networks!