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Looking for straight teeth? This is the place!

Your orthodontic team in Arcadia has decades of experience in straightening teeth for both teenagers and adults with braces and Invisalign

Teeth misalignment is actually quite common, and orthodontics is the dental specialty that handles the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of poorly positioned teeth and jaws.

Dr. Jennifer Wu is here to improve your smile and recommend the best options for you!

How do Orthodontic Treatments Work?

split view of braces on and offHere at Parklane Dental, our orthodontic treatment uses orthodontic appliances to gradually move your teeth to form the smile you want!

The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy bite with straight teeth that properly meet their opposing teeth in the opposite jaw.

The appliance may be removable from the teeth, or there may be brackets bonded to the teeth for adhesion.

These appliances work as aligners and braces that apply gentle force the teeth in a carefully controlled direction.

Our orthodontic appliances can be made of plastic (clear), metal, or ceramic.

Before & after of Child Braces for orthodontics at Parklane Dental

As the conventional treatment, metallic aligners are firm and solid to the touch, and lets you chose the color of the ties that hold the wire in the brackets.

We also use plastic aligners called Invisalign, where many patients find them to be less noticeable and more convenient.

The best part about braces is that it is the effective treatment to correct most bite and misalignment problems for both adults and adolescents. 

This is important to make it easier for you to bite, chew, and speak!

what are the Benefits of treatment?

 Illustrations of different tooth problems
 Illustrations of different tooth problems

Although braces are usually thought as a dental treatment for children, more and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment.

If left untreated, misalignment of teeth is a gateway to a world of other dental problems including crooked teeth and possible tooth loss.

Orthodontic issues can also lead to a host of other problems such as the abnormal wearing of your teeth and unnecessary stress on your gums and bones to support health teeth structure.

Thinking about your long-term dental health, it is far less costly treating your orthodontic concerns early than dealing with problems that may arise from a lack of orthodontic care.

After maintaining healthy gums and bone structure with your dental team at Parklane Dental, Dr. Jennifer can begin your orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth at any age.

Before and After of Braces, Crowns, and Implants for Smile Makeover at Parklane DentalOrthodontic treatment with braces can improve your dental health:

  1. Achieve the optimal function from straight teeth
  2. Manage crowding and spacing problems
  3. Reduce grinding and chipping of teeth
  4. Reduce cavities and periodontal disease
  5. Better positioning for more effective flossing
  6. Improve your appearance and self-esteem with smile makeover

Technological advances with Invisalign have crafted a more efficient course of treatment! You can expect a beautiful smile in no time!

How long do braces last?

smiling boy with bracesEvery patient has an unique case, because the teeth of every patient developed differently during child development and adulthood.

Because teeth grow very slowly and can be moved only gently, treatment time typically ranges from six months to two years.

Moreover, braces require the diligent use of prescribed rubber bands and headgear. Inconsistent use can interrupt and impact the progress of your orthodontic treatment.

open mouth showing bracesAlternate options such as clear aligners Invisalign require wearing when not eating or drinking.

These are crucial in ensuring that your braces are following the most efficient procedures.

For children and adolescents, the case length can depend on the growth of the patient’s mouth and face.

Because of what may happen during treatment, the time to complete the case may differ from the original estimate at the first orthodontic visit with Dr. Jennifer Wu!

Is orthodontic treatment for me?

Teenager Dental patient finishes braces with orthodontistOur orthodontic team at Parklane Dental in Arcadia can help patients of any age achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

At a free orthodontic consultation, you will receive an examination of your current teeth position from our board-certified orthodontist.

This is the time for us to chat with you about orthodontic treatment options to consider. This is because each dental patient has unique teeth that might be suitable for traditional or clear aligners.

 Our orthodontic team is ready to take care of your smile!

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