Sports MouthGuard

You might have seen many sports players and athletes wear a special mouth tool. This dental appliance is an important part of protecting your teeth and gums from injuries during athletic activities, especially with contact sports.

What is sports mouth guard?

girl holding a Sports Mouthguard

Mouthguards are dental trays worn over the top row of the teeth during sports and play. This medical-grade appliance is worn by both professional and amateur athletes. When worn properly, these trays prevent dental trauma and fractured teeth.

These guards use a thermo-formed material in a multilayer design made to withstand the hard impacts.

With our latest technology, our doctors custom-fit the trays to your gums and teeth, and we work the best dental lab to ensure protection, comfort, and retention when properly placed in your mouth.

Do i need a sports guard?

Sports Mouthguard

Do you want to prevent painful and costly injuries?

Mouthguards at Parklane Dental come in different levels of protections for both professional and amateur athletes.

Ranging from one to layers, the mouth guards are designed to offer the best fit and flexibility while playing your sports.

This is essential to ensure that the teeth of your star athlete is protected at all time, whether during practice or an official game.

Mouthguards can be customized with a variety of colors match your uniform or team colors!

How often should I replace my mouth guard?

Sports Mouthguard

Our mouthguards must be resilient, tear-resistant, but also feel comfortable. A natural fit is important to allow flexible mouth movement to speak and communicate with your teammates. If the fit does not feel comfortable, our doctors can make immediate adjustments to ensure a snug fit.

Because our teeth are the strongest bones in our body, they do wear down this protective athletic equipment.

If you participate in multiple sports, you might need a new mouthguard for each sport season. As kids and adolescents‘ mouth continue to grow in size, frequent replacement might be required.

Mouthguards are essential piece of your athletic equipment set. Crafting the right mouthguard for you is our duty in taking care of your dental health. Let us protect your teeth, so you can worry more about winning!

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