Gudetama Snore GuardDid you sleep poorly last night?

If you wake up from snoring, or your partner can  hear you too, then our sleep guard might be for you!

Snoring can come from sleep disorders. While air pumps is the most prescribed therapy, many patients can not tolerate the discomfort.

Our doctors work with the best labs to create an alternative sleep appliance that fits just for you! Learn why this is the #1 prescribed appliance for snoring and sleep apnea!

WHAT IS A sleep apnea?

woman pinching a mans nose closedWhen you do not have enough sleep at night, you might be experiencing sleep apnea. This is a serious sleep disorder that occurs when your breathing is interrupted when sleeping.

There are many factors that increase the chances of sleep apnea. Many patients have reported waking up suddenly from a sudden stop in breathing, and sometimes even hundreds of times during the night.

When sleep apnea occurs, the upper airway that brings air to the lungs is blocked, and the breathing muscles must put in extra effort to pump air to open the blocked airway. Often you might wake up in the middle of the night from your body grasping or jerking for air.

WHAT are symptoms of sleep apnea?

Snoring illustrationThe most common symptom of sleep apnea is snoring.

When the airway is blocked the pressure needed to break through the blockage can briefly vibrate the surrounding muscle or flap, leading to the distinct snoring sound we are familiar with. This reduce access to breathing air decreases your sleep quality.

You might experience…

  • Night sweats and headaches
  • Restlessness even after sleep
  • Daytime fatigue and sleepiness
  • Throat discomfort or dryness upon awakening
  • Sudden jerking and grasping for air during sleep

Untreated sleep apnea can affect your daytime performance. For children in school, this might impact their school performance, which can often be misinterpreted as laziness or sluggishness in class. Some of our patients reported falling asleep during work and at home during daytime.

Sleep apnea can also build poor breathing habits, such as daytime mouth breathing, and without treatment, can lead to swallowing difficulty as well.

What is a snoreguard?

Snoring applianceSnoreguard is an effective and non-invasive treatment that fits in everyone’s life style. This dental appliance is made of two flexible, thin, and comfortable dental trays.

Only prescribed by your dentist, this anti-snoring and sleep apnea device is made with -custom-made splints composed of soft and comfortable inner layer for your teeth, and a hard, durable outer layer to maintain your airway.

The trays are custom-fabricated to the shape of your teeth and gum, and gives you a wide range of adjustment for comfortable wear all night. This gives greater patient comfort due to increased freedom of movement.

how does snoreguard help me?

Snoring illustrationDuring sleep, the appliance gently shifts your jaw forward in a therapeutic position during sleep. This activates the airway muscles and ligaments so they can support an open, thus preventing the airway from blockage.

This oral treatment is comfortable and easy to wear. Quiet and portable, it is super easy to care for on the go, and our patients can bring snoreguard for travel and work.

Treating snoring with snoreguard can make you feel like a new person. Are you ready for your beauty sleep?

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