Special Promotion

$150 New Patient Special (For patients without coverage):

No insurance? No worry!

Back from popular demand, Parklane Dental is excited to offer our promotional package for uninsured or cash patients! This exclusive offer includes a comprehensive patient exam with our doctor, x-rays for the visit, and a general dental cleaning (in the absence of gum disease).  

What does the package include?

The discounted package at $150 includes a comprehensive exam and x-rays for patients without dental insurance.

A complimentary general cleaning will be provided only if the patient does not have periodontal (gum) disease. 

During the exam, our dental team will use our latest technology to take all necessary x-rays. These x-rays image will help our dentist identify issues in your teeth (as our eyes can’t see everything in your mouth!)

During consultation, our dentist will review any dental concerns and will discuss with you on solutions to help get the smile you want. 

What is periodontal disease?

Because if gum disease is present, a general cleaning will NOT remove the source of the bacteria!

In the presence of gum disease, a deep cleaning is required instead to get rid of bacteria.

This non-surgical periodontal therapy is a procedure that involves the removal of dental plaque and calculus (scaling) and then smoothing the surfaces of the roots (root planing). 

Dental oral care Kit

Our team is here to take care of you even when you’re at home! All our dental cleaning patients will receive a complimentary dental oral care kit at your next cleaning visits. This dental selfcare kit includes dental toiletries with our special Parklane Dental tote bag!

At SanrioxParklane, we are featuring Gudetama as our Sanrio Friend this dental season. Add eggs-tra cuteness to your everyday dental selfcare, and book your appointment to our Temple City, CA location to collect this limited edition bag!


Call now to check your insurance, or to book your visit to Parklane Dental for this exam and cleaning special promotion! 

Your doctor is more than happy to discuss your treatment options during your consultation! 

This offer is available to patients of all ages at our location in Arcadia, CA and at Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental in Temple City, CA.

Book your first visit to Parklane Dental at 626.445.3388!