Take-home whitening kit

For September 2020, Parklane Dental is thrilled to bring back our special event for a teeth whitening treatment. This special treatment gives you the convenience of deciding when you want to undergo whitening in the comfort of your home! 

How does it work?

Unlike the over-the-counter whitening at the store, this Take-Home Whitening procedure is a professional dental treatment that can only be obtained from a dentist. At Parklane Dental, our dentist monitor your progress to ensure the proper concentration of whitening medication are used. 

Our dental team will create a custom-fitted dental trays that wrap around your top jaw and your bottom jaw. They help keep the whitening solution on the surface of the tooth and away from any sensitive gum area. These kits are easy to use, and our dental team is here to teach you proper usage!

What is the visit like?

The process takes two simple visits to create your personalized whitening tray. At the first visit, our dental team will create an impression of your teeth and jaw. Then our dental technician uses the model to create a custom-made set of trays of your teeth. After a few adjustments at your second visit, your personalized whitening tray is all ready to go!

September Special

In keeping with our philosophy of bringing beautiful smiles at convenient plans, we are offering $100.00 off this treatment for this special September promotion on Take-Home Whitening Treatment. This special offer is available at both our locations in Arcadia, CA and Temple City, CA until end of September 2020!

This Take-Home Whitening Tray September special is available now through September 2020.

  • Custom set of whitening trays ($100 off)
  • Complimentary 3x medical grade whitening gel ($60 value)
  • For SanrioxParklane patients, an exclusive Hello Kitty and Gudetama case!

Call 626.448.3388 or at 626.247.4788 to ask about take-home whitening!