Take-home Teeth whitening kit Special

Adult Dental Patient holding shade guide for her Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit for cosmetic dentistry for patient special

Thinking about teeth whitening… but too busy with work or travel?

Don’t let that coffee and tea stains with childhood yellow teeth ruin your smile!

Getting the brightest, whitest smile can be done in the comforts of your home or on the go!

This whitening journey can help maintain your bright smile on your time and at you own pace.

How does Take-Home Teeth Whitening work?

Unlike over-the-counter whitening at the store, our Take-Home Teeth Whitening is a professional dental treatment only from a dentist!

You may ask why? Our cosmetic dentist monitor your progress to ensure the proper concentration of medical-grade medication are used for reduced sensitivity!

That means our Arcadia cosmetic dentists and Temple City cosmetics dentists must track your progress to achieve the most effective smile difference!

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What does the Take-Home Kit include?

Adult male dental patient with Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit for cosmetic dentistry at Sanrio Friends themed roomOur Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit includes a set of dental trays and whitening ingredients.

The dental trays are custom-made to your unique smile, and the medical-grade whitening gel may be refilled at any visit with our cosmetic dentist. 

Perfect for all patients, it’s easy to use at home and on the go during your travels!

  • Custom-made dental trays tailored to your teeth.
  • Medical-grade whitening solution away from any sensitive gum area.

We will to teach you how to use the kit before starting your journey!

Why Take-Home Teeth Whitening?

Cosmetic dentist with adult female patient for dental exam and Invisalign consultation at Parklane Dental in Arcadia, CaliforniaThe best part? You can reuse your custom-made trays to touchup your whitening!

  • Budget-friendly!
  • You choose when and where!
  • On the go or at home!
  • Medical-grade strength!
  • Reusable for whitening later!
  • Touch-up your Laser Whitening treatment!

How do I start My Whitening Journey?

Adult Male dental patient with Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit for Cosmetic Dentistry with Keroppi themed dental room

The process takes two simple visits to create your personalized whitening tray.

  • At first, we create an impression of your teeth and jaw.
  • Then our smile experts create a custom-made set of trays for your teeth.

After a few adjustments, your personalized whitening tray is all ready to go!

Grab your exclusive Hello Kitty and Gudetama case for Sanrio x Parklane patients.

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