Take-home whitening kit

Getting the brightest, whitest smile can be done in the comforts of your home!

This whitening journey can help maintain your bright smile on your time and at you own pace.

Our take-home kit includes a set of custom-made dental trays and professional-grade whitening gel. Ask us more at your next visit!


不同于商店的非处方美白, this 拿回家美白 procedure is a professional dental treatment that can only be obtained from a dentist. 在柏丽牙科, our dentist monitor your progress to ensure the proper concentration of whitening medication are used.

Why Take-Home whitening?

  • Budget-friendly!
  • You choose when!
  • On the go or at home!
  • Medical-grade strength
  • Reusable for whitening later!

Our dental team will create a custom-made dental trays that wrap around both your top jaw and your bottom jaw. These trays help keep the medical-grade whitening solution on the surface of the tooth and away from any sensitive gum area.

The best part is that you can reuse your custom-made trays to touchup your whitening!

These kits are easy to use at home or even on the go during your travels, 我们的牙科团队会在这里教您正确的用法! 

What is the visit like?

The process takes two simple visits to create your personalized whitening tray. 第一次访问, 我们的牙科团队会给您的牙齿和下巴留下深刻的印象.

Then our dental technician uses the model to create a custom-made set of trays of your teeth. 经过第二次调整后, 您的个性化美白纸盒已准备就绪!

This Take-Home Whitening tray kit includesan exclusive 凯蒂猫Gudetama case for Sanrio x Parklane patients.

呼叫 626.448.3388 或 626.247.4788 to ask about Take-Home Whitening!