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美容牙医, 牙齿矫正医生, and Pediatric Dentist at Parklane DentalHello there! This is Dr. 埃里克, founder of Parklane Dental!

Our excellent team of doctors and dental specialists listens to your dental needs and goals to design your dream smile makeover

Our goal every smile is to craft a natural, beautiful smile that you can share confidently with the world. That means you can be sure to depend on our dental artistry and expertise to design your dream smile!

We are proud to adapt our on-going training and latest 牙科技术, and we are not afraid to address all your concerns at your first consultationDon’t hesitate ask all your questions about oral health at your next visit to Parklane Dental!

Where Beautiful Smiles Begin…”

Your Doctors and specialists

My doctor colleagues and I are excited to welcome you to Parklane DentalLet us introduce a little bit about ourselves!

While our general and family dentists track your dental health and provide restorative services, our dental specialists with cosmetic dentists, 牙齿矫正医生, 口腔外科医生, and pediatric dentist are proud to deliver your dream smile together.

Our team of world-class doctors and specialty dentists all come from diverse backgrounds to collaborate on your smile journey.

From orthodontics for a straighter smile to oral surgery for implant services, your doctors are excited to take care of your world-classsmile transformation with you every step of the way.

With decades of experience collaborating on dream smiles together, we are ready to serve you and new patients in Arcadia and Temple City

博士. 埃里克

埃里克, D.D.S.

Dr. Mary He玛丽他, D.D.S.

博士. 詹妮弗 · 吴詹妮弗 · 吴, D.D.S.

博士. 凯文·布鲁尔
凯文·布鲁尔, D.D.S., 医学博士.

博士. 韦斯利·崔

韦斯利·崔, D.D.S.






帮助实现你想要的微笑我们难以置信 口腔卫生 team brings you our expert and passionate hygienists to freshen up your beautiful smiles!

Dental Hygienists are dentalcare providers who specializes in 牙齿清洁. They are dedicated to ensuring you leave with thoroughly cleaned teeth, 并彻底清除斑块! 

牙齿清洁需要注意细节和专业教育,以了解牙齿的工作原理和方式 空洞 帮助实现你想要的微笑. Our hygiene experience prepares us for effective 深层清洁 treatment to our patients with gum disease.

Our hygiene team speaks many languages too: 英语, 西班牙文, 中文 (普通话, 广东话, 台湾), 越南文, 韩语, 和更多!

Our dental staff
Our dental Hygienist Team


Parklane 牙科的普通和美容医生关于你的口腔卫生或如何保持良好的口腔健康有任何问题?


Our dentists and dental specialists are ready to restore your dental health and design your new smile!

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