How Do I Book A Dental Appointment?

Adult Patient for Dental Checkup with Little Twin Stars在这里看牙医没有压力!

Scheduling a dental appointment with our Temple City dentists and Arcadia dentists is super easy!

Below are convenient ways to book your dental visits with my微笑改头换面 专家!



 1) Call Us

Chat with us! Our Arcadia dentists and Temple City dentists are happy to answer your questions and take care of your dental concerns!

All locations can book comprehensive dental care for new patient visits.

You can schedule a dentist visit with our Smile Makeover experts for both a general exam and cleaning, and for specialist appointments with our orthodontist, 口腔外科医生, 和儿科牙医!

Adult and Pediatric Patient Check-in for Dental Exam at Parklane Dental

2) Online Request

Complete a request below. We’ll call you to confirm your appointment details. 这很简单!

Request Visit at Arcadia

Request Visit at Temple City

Questions about your request? We’re just a phone call away, and we are happy to chat and answer your questions!


Adult Dental Patient booking appointments with Dental Team at Parklane Dental in Arcadia

Parklane牙科营业 周一至周六在所有地点.

  • 星期一到星期五: 9:00 直到上午 6:00 下午
  • 周六: 8:00 直到上午 5:00下午

We may be closed in observation of public holidays.

如果我们错过了您的电话, we will return your calls when we can! 请在我们的营业时间内致电我们预约您的牙科预约.


牙科助理在 Hello Kitty 主题牙科室中展示牙痛反应如果您有疼痛或紧急情况, we will make every attempt to accommodate you that day during clinical hours!

Patients book dentist appointments months ahead at Parklane Dental. Same-day visits and treatments are not guaranteed.

If you have a severe dental emergency or a dental accident, please see the urgent room or your nearby hospital for immediate medical assistance.

如果不确定, please do not hesitate to call us! We’ll direct you to dental care you need.


Cosmetic Dentist at a Smile Makeover Consultation with Adult PatientYour appointment is tailored to your unique 牙科治疗 和微笑之旅。

Please allow two hours for new dental patients for first time appointment!

We find that patients need time to discuss dental concerns and goals with my Smile Makeover experts. Some dental surgery visits may be longer, 经常高达 2 小时 (such as for oral surgery with镇静牙科).

Adult male dental patient appreciating dental team at Parklane Dental in Arcadia更改您的预约时间

Late arrivals from earlier appointments and dental emergencies can cause delays in the day. 如果因迟到和更早的紧急情况导致意外延误, 我们会通知你! 


如果您迟到或需要重新安排, please call us! 我们总是只是一个电话!

Our doctors will do our best to welcome patients with late-arrival! If a patient is more than 15 晚分钟, 预约将被自动取消.




请求新时间, 请至少打两个电话 (2) 原预约时间前几天.  这有助于我们找到满足您牙科需求的最佳时间!


General and cosmetic dentist with pediatric patient after a dental checkup at Parklane Dental我们的 微笑改头换面 专家提供全面的牙科护理成人和儿童!

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