meet Our Community!

For community outreach, 请联系[email protected]

Our dental team in Arcadia is grateful for our patient’s trust in our decades of experiences! We feel grateful for your recommendations and referrals to your friends and families.

Our patients are part of our family, and we are immensely grateful for the opportunity to take care of the dental needs of our patients from their childhood and well into their adulthood!

We are deeply invested in the health, safety, and the success of our neighbors, and through our community partnerships we’ve found exciting new ways to serve our patients and community.

Interested in working together? We would love to get in touch!

Thank you for generations of trust in your Parklane Dental team!


Every year, Parklane Dental carries out our mission to teachchildren oral hygiene at local pre-k and elementary schools through our community outreach program, “给孩子一个微笑”.

With our Parklane Dental team of doctors博士. 埃里克 has taught over thousands of young students throughout Los Angeles.

At each school visit, our dental team donates thousands of oral care kits to students and kids to help start their oral hygiene habits at home!


学习更多关于 Give Kids A Smile in 2021!

Monthly E-News

Every month, 博士. Eric To通过我们的每月时事通讯分享最新的牙科技巧和技术! 保持牙齿健康, 并在帕克兰牙科医院与我们的患者家属一起!

As a patient at Parklane Dental, you will receive in our regular communication with our community

Our patients enjoy our regular e-news to hear best and newest ways to stay healthy

Future doctors

Many of our team members have grown up in Arcadia, 天普市, and Los Angeles, and we are incredibly proud to support our dental students and volunteers in their careers

Training the next generation is our duty to help our community remain healthy with a new team of doctors and dentists to serve your dental needs.

Congratulations to our newly graduated doctors from our Parklane Dental dental internship and shadowing team

If you are interested in learning more about dentistry field for prospective students, 请与我们联系 [email protected] for learning opportunities.

Our Local Charities

Patients in Arcadia appreciate our candor with our community, 和our dental team in Arcadia is proud to support our efforts of the Arcadia Police Department to keeping us safe.

Our dental team in Temple City loves to participate in festivals and arts in our community, and we are proud sponsor of theCamellia Festival Royal Court of Temple City!

Congratulations to the royal court in 2020!

Giving Back TOgether

Our community is incredibly important to us, because they are the lifeblood of our relationship. We genuinely believe in giving back, and every year we commit ourselves to volunteering and contributing back to local charities and festivals. We are always exploring new ways to support our community. Let’s collaborate and give back together!

For community outreach, please reach us for at[email protected].