General Doctor reviewing Cavity with Adult Dental Patient要去看医生可令人紧张, but coming to Parklane Dental is safe and comfortable!

作为父母自己, our Smile Makeover dentists understand why our patients may have concerns about x-rays.

Let’s address your questions together for a stress-free visit with advance digital x-ray imaging!

What are Dental x-rays used for?

 Dental x-rays are a useful diagnostic tool for doctors.

They help our Arcadia dentists and Temple City dentists to dental concerns not visible to the eye.

For convenience to our patients, our advance digital x-ray technology is available at all our dental studios!

Get ready to relax with personalized digital x-ray technology in each patient room!

美容医生审查 X 射线以进行微笑改造咨询1) Why do Parklane dentists need dental x-rays?

Our doctors are exceptionally trained and experienced at spotting signs and symptoms of oral disease on the exterior of your teeth and the exterior of the gum.

But博士. 埃里克 而且我们的牙医团队尚未开发出超级强大的功能来看您的牙齿内部!

The safe use of digital x-ray help our Smile Makeover experts see areas that we normally can not use at a regular physical oral exam.

Dentist and Hello Kitty at a doctor examination looking at x-rays2) What do Parklane dentists see with dental x-rays?

Our dentist team strives to provide the best preventive treatment with advance dental technologyincluding x-rays.

That means our dentists use safe and comfortable digital x-rays for treatment diagnosis. It helps with early detection of teeth damage and diseases.

由于目视检查的限制, x-rays can reveal problems in areas between teeth or hidden by fillings:

With modern technology, our digital x-rays are one of the best tools for your smile journey.

Why do I need Dental x-rays?


如果没有你的牙齿X射线, dentists can not check the dental health of the area inside your tooth.

Images from digital x-rays accurately confirm the presence of cavities and other oral diseases.

With digital x-ray imaging, we can determine the present status of your oral health!

1) How do dental x-rays help me?

X-rays also functions as your dental health baseline for doctors and dental professionals to identify changes that may occur later.This helps our Smile Makeover experts track your journey at your next appointment when x-rays are taken again.

例如, x射线在可能采取 6 你以前的预约馅料后几个月检查是否有新的空腔开发, 特别是在填充物下面.

2) What about dental x-ray for my children?

The dental health of pediatric patients is different from adult dental patients.

不仅孩子的牙齿生长迅速, 而且在孩子成年齿套往往是不可见的 (但低于宝宝刷牙牙龈内)!

因此, 美国牙科协会 建议 X射线检查在 6 儿童和儿童的间隔时间为 小儿患者. 此外, X射线用作照相馆的一部分,以显示牙齿长出的过程 儿童牙套.

What About X-ray Safety and Radiation?

Radiation Chart showing that dental x-ray has the lowest radiation out of common medical x-rays1) Are dental x-rays safe?

牙科用X射线检查是 安全!

牙科确实需要非常低的辐射暴露水平, but dental x-ray tools and techniques are designed to limit that.

Proper shielding in our office makes exposure even lower!

对于 对照, 从例程牙科X射线曝光是 少于

2) What about radiation?

It is common for patients to be concerned about radiation.

Any exposure from dental x-ray is 极小 in comparison with other medical x-rays.

For your 参考, xrays at a regular dental exam (关于 6 imagesis about只要 1.2 µSV (microsievert) units of radiation.

  • A mammography emits 3,000 µSV (2500x regular dental exam).
  • A GI tract x-ray emits 6,000 µSV (5000x regular dental exam).

3) What about patients with pregnancy?


我们知道有对X射线的妊娠患者的安全问题. 含铅围裙最小化暴露于腹部.

来自 由妇产科美国学院, “患者常需要保证实施预防, 诊断, 和治疗口腔病症, 包括牙科X射线 (与腹部和甲状腺的屏蔽) … are safe during pregnancy.

What If I Have X-rays From Another Dentist?

如果您有以前的牙医或其他医生的 X 光片, 您可以要求他们将您的 X 光片文件发送到我们位于阿卡迪亚 在天普市

然而, 他们比 6 个月, 将拍摄新的 X 光片以获得更准确的快照 口腔健康.