Hello Kitty x Parklane Dental Case

带有 Hello Kitty 牙套的 Invisalign 矫正器来自 Parklane Dental 的洛杉矶天使之翼准备好用 Hello Kitty 保护您的牙托!


这款独家 Hello Kitty 牙套非常适合成人和儿童使用!


How Do I Get A Hello Kitty Dental Case?

Cosmetic dentist holding two Hello Kitty dental case for new patientsWe love serving patients with dental anxiety at三丽鸥朋友X柏丽牙科.

With Hello Kitty’s help, we welcome patients of all ages for an inclusive dental experience.

It is our mission to help you stay healthy with this complimentary dental case!

作为微笑改造之旅的一部分, you can enjoy your正畸治疗 and dental appliances with this limited edition Hello Kitty at home or on the go!

What Can My Hello Kitty Dental Case Protect?

天普市 Sanrio Friends x Parklane 牙科的 Hello Kitty 牙科盒和牙科唇膏,咖啡厅提供咖啡Dental trays and aligners come in different shapes and size!

This case will protect your dental appliances and keep them clean and safe wherever you go

  • Protect your dental trays and aligners likeInvisalign的 (清除对准器) 以及任何后处理固定器!
  • For sports fans, safeguard your运动护齿 在最可爱的牙科案例中!
  • Protect your snore guard (为了 打鼾) 或者你的夜班守卫 (为了 磨牙!

询问我们的 微笑改造 journey at your next visit for your Hello Kitty dental case!

Hello Kitty Case Giveaway!

美容牙医博士. Mary He holding a Hello Kitty dental case for Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit and a Little Twin Stars goodie bag跟着我们 Instagram的, Facebook的, 和抖音 我们的赠品!

We are giving away Hello Kitty Dental dental case to lucky fans!

跟随@WeAreParklaneDental 上 Instagram的 在最新的赠品帖子中获取更多更新!

参加规则将包含在赠品中. 祝所有参与者好运!

What About Orthodontic Patients?

Cosmetic dentist holding Invisalign clear aligners and exclusive Hello Kitty dental caseStart healthy dental habits with your pal Hello Kitty!

This dental case is a complimentary gift to all our orthodontic patients of all ages at 柏丽牙科寺市.

3D牙齿影像, you can see your dream smile before beginning your orthodontic treatments!

Pickup this special gift for our braces and Invisalign patients