Invisalign的: How do Clear aligners straighten my teeth?

Clear Braces

Problem flossing?

The most advanced clear aligner is here to correct your bite!

Invisalign is custom fitted to align your teeth in the correct position with clear and removable trays!

两个都 成人和青少年 love this orthodontic treatment to straighten their smile and fix bite problems!

Ready to learn why Invisalign patients love this life-changing transformation?

How does Invisalign Help Me?

Invisalign results of before and after for Adult Dental patient

Our doctors have helped hundreds of our patients withsimple fix or complex shifts with Invisalign!

Here are some ways how a smile journey with Invisalign can help you straighten your teeth comfortably and accurately:

  • Amplify your smile in your busy life by simply fixing 差距 牙齿.
  • Our teens love that friends can’t see them! 但偷偷地… 它正在纠正他们的 混合乳牙和恒牙!
  • 当牙齿向外倾斜时 反咬合, we can predictably pull teeth together!
  • Fixing your overbite or 咬合 lets you floss and brush effectively

Our dental team can address many types of poor teeth alignment and malocclusions at your free orthodontic consultation!

Are you ready to learn how the Invisalign aligners straighten your smile?

What is Invisalign?

带有 Hello Kitty 牙套的 Invisalign 矫正器来自 Parklane Dental 的洛杉矶天使之翼

Invisalign treatment is the process of wearing custom-made aligners that gradually straighten your teeth.

这些对准器很薄, 清晰可移动!

They are made of a thermoplastic material created exclusively for Invisalign treatment.

Many patients find Invisalign as a comfortable treatment to straighten teeth:

  • Almost invisible to keep the natural look of your smile!
  • Freedom to take out your aligners to eat and drink as normal!
  • Accurately straighten your teeth with our iTero 3D scanning!
  • Comfortably and gentle on your gums with no sharp edges to cut your cheeks!

What we love about Invisalign is that we can correct your smile with advance technology.

Let’s discover what Invisalign can do for you!

How does invisalign work?

Invisalign illustration博士. Eric To and your dental team will create a personalized treatment plan that maps out the exact movements of your teeth.

The treatment gently moves your teeth into position with the super strong and virtually invisible dental trays.Your clear aligners are designed to apply the right amount of force to the right place at the right time.

With our 3D digital smile mapping, patients can see a straighter smile in as little as 6 个月!

Cosmetic Dentist reviewing Invisalign for smile makeover case

Free Invisalign Consultation:

  1. At our 免费的正畸咨询, we check if you are a candidate for Invisalign.
  2. Using the iTero scanner, our doctors take a fast and precise 3D digital scan of your teeth.
  3. Our doctors and specialists together map out a custom journey to design your smile

Invisalign Consultation by Cosmetic Dentist with Adult Patient

Smile Journey:

  1. You wear each set of aligners, 仅将它们删除 吃, 喝, 刷, 和牙线!
  2. 博士. 埃里克 will ensure your aligners fit well, 回答你的问题, and check on your progress with regular visits.
  3. As you wear each new aligner, 你的牙齿会移动 – 一点一点地, 通过周周 – until they have straightened to your dream smile!
  4. Maintain your natural, beautiful smile with dental retainers!

Over the course of your smile journey, 博士. 埃里克·杜(Eric To)将调整您的矫正器,使其慢慢适应您想要的笑容. 在每一步, your dentist will review your treatment and check if you are on progress with your case

How would My Teeth Look with invisalign?

Doctor pointing at TV with crooked teeth on screen我们知道眼见为实!

在我们的免费正畸咨询中, patients are asking about alternatives to braces. 

These clear aligners might just be the right treatment for you

随着我们的进步 3D扫描, you can see your transformation with a digital model of what your straightened teeth will look like.

See Our Invisalign Smiles


Woman with Invisalign unit in her handA straight smile will improve the confidence in your smile!


  • 重新排列牙齿 微笑改头换面?
  • straighten teeth more predictably and comfortably?
  • 从第一次试戴开始就开始改变你的微笑?
  • 适应你的忙, 随时随地的行程,并带有清晰的对准器?
  • 用你的 牙科保险 牙齿矫正和Invisalign的覆盖范围?
  • 通过面对面和安全的咨询与我们的美容医生会面?

Parklane Dental - Dr Eric To showing adult patient InvisalignInvisalign is a popular option for straighter smiles for both teenagers and adults, and you may be a good candidate for Invisalign.

But an in-person consultation with our Invisalign expert is needed to see if you are a candidate!

This lets you see your Invisalign smile with our smile simulator for making important dental health decisions!

Our Invisalign Doctors

Platinum-level Invisalign provider for orthodontics and general dentistry at Parklane DentalAs certified Platinum Invisalign providers, our Invisalign experts have corrected hundreds of new smiles in San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles area!

博士. Eric To and our 正畸团队 have been the leader in smile correction in Arcadia and in Temple City.

For patients traveling or moving back to Los Angeles, we are happy to help with transitioning and completing your Invisalign treatment!

With decades of experience transforming hundreds of smiles with Invisalign, we understand how to fit Invisalign to your lifestyle.

Our personalized treatment lets you enjoy your travel and work schedule as you straighten your teeth!

We are excited to share our prestigious Platinum Provider award with our patient family!

At a complimentary Invisalign consultation, chat with our orthodontist if Invisalign is a right fit for your smile goals!


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