Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some of our commonly asked questions from our patients and fans!

COVID Safety

Q:        Are you open?
        Yes! Parklane Dental reopened after temporary closure to support physical distancing efforts in California. We closely monitored appropriate guidelines to ensure we are keeping you safe. Our patients appreciate our weekly open letters on how we are adapting to the changing time. Looking for a dentist open in Temple City and in Arcadia? We are here for you!

Q:         Is it safe to go to Parklane Dental right now?
Yes! It is safe to go see your dentist at Parklane Dental! In our response to COVID, we shared how our recently enhanced disinfection protocols are in compliance with California state health department and dental boards.

Our existing top-notch disinfection standard includes regularly cleaning surfaces, interiors, and dental chairs in all patient areas and appointment rooms. 

Q:        How is Parklane Dental responding to COVID-19?
        We are practicing proper hygiene and physical distancing, and your dental team here has acquired new machines to sterilize patient areas! We fully trained in the use of personal protective equipment and our new electrostatic mist sprayer and HEPA H13 air purifier. Explore our Infection Control section on how we are keeping you safe!

Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental

Q:        What is Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental?
A:      Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental is an unique dental experience featuring your Sanrio Friends!  Located in Temple City, California, this is the only dentistry in the world to feature Hello Kitty, Gudetama, and Sanrio Friendsl.

Come and visit your favorite dental team and say hello to Badtz-maru, Keroppi, Little Twin Stars and more!

Q:        Can I come as an adult or as a child?
A:      Yes! Parklane Dental is open to patients of all ages! Our adult patients enjoy our Sanrio x Parklane experience just as much as kids, and they often bring along their kids, parents, and grandparents!

During some days of the week, our pediatric specialist is sees only kids and young patients, so our pediatric dental team can take care of your kids!

Q:        What is included in the experience?
A:      After registering you as a patient of record at our Temple City location, we invite you to visit our Sanrio Friends in our community rooms! We are excited to bring smiles to our friends and patients in our Hello Kitty and Gudetama operatory rooms! Every patient receives a complimentary gift – with an exclusive SanrioxParklane goodie tote bag and a dental care kit!

Q:        Can I make a reservation for the Hello Kitty Room and Gudetama Room?
      The Hello Kitty Room and Gudetama Room are assigned to our patients based on the scheduling availability for the day. Patient rooms are based on availability at the time of the scheduled appointments. Our patients are always welcome in our themed community rooms featuring Hello Kitty and her friends!


Q:        How do I make an appointment at Parklane Dental?
A:       We are happy to schedule your appointments in advance by phone. Walk-ins are not accepted.

If you submitted an appointment request on our website, our patient coordinator will contact you shortly to help you schedule your appointment.

Q:        Can I change or cancel my appointment?
A:        If you would like to modify your appointment, we would be happy to accommodate your changes any time two days before the appointment. Your appointment is locked 48 hours before your appointment time for our team members to prepare for your treatment. A late cancellation fee will be applied for late cancellations and no-shows.   

Q:        What if I’m late to my appointment? Will I still be able to be seated?
       We understand that sometimes life happens! If you anticipate that you will be late, please call us at 626.247.4788 as soon as you can to let us know of your late arrival.

We will do our best to seat all our patients. However, if you are more than 10 minutes late, your appointment will be automatically forfeited.

Q:        Is there a difference between your locations?   
A:      There is no difference in patient care between our locations in Temple City and in Arcadia. As Parklane Dental is contracted with your dental insurance company, your treatment fees are assigned to every procedure by your dental insurance plan.


Q:        Can I use my dental insurance at Parklane Dental?
       We understand our patients often have many questions about their insurance coverage, and every patient has a different dental insurance plan.

If you have a question about your unique insurance plan, please call our office to speak with our Insurance Specialist.

Q:        If I do not have dental insurance, can I come to Parklane Dental?
A:    Parklane Dental is excited to continue our promotional package for patients without insurance! From the package, patients without insurance will receive a comprehensive dental exam and all necessary x-ray. A complimentary general cleaning will be provided only if the patient does not have periodontal (gum) disease. Visit our Special for more information!

My First Visit

Q:        What should I expect at my first visit?
        It is always good to come informed! At your first visit, our doctor will evaluate your dental condition with x-rays and conduct a comprehensive exam on your oral health.

Afterwards, the doctor will discuss any necessary treatment with you. Check out our First Visit page for more information and what to bring with you!

Q:        What languages do you speak?
         Our dental team comes from a wide range of languages and heritages, and we are proud of diversity! We speak English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese), Korean, Vietnamese,  and more!

Q:        Can I see a specialist at Parklane Dental at my first visit?
      Our dental group offers many dental specialties conveniently at Parklane Dental.

If you would like to see one of our following specialists, our patient coordinator is happy to help you schedule your visit.

Let us know you are interested in dental specialty treatment!

Q:        Where can I find more updates about Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental?
       Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and our website for the latest update, and for the unique opportunity of meeting Hello Kitty at our Grand Opening! If you leave your name, phone number, and email, we will be happy to let you know of any official announcement.