Smile Makeover

Doctor and patientYou deserve a natural smile that brings you confidence wherever you go!

I invite you to start your smile journey to a new, healthy smile with our doctors and smile experts to chat about your Smile Makeover options!

Minor chips, major cracks, stains, missing and broken teeth, and misaligned teeth are no problems for our smile experts.

With our Smile Makeover journey, let’s restore your dental health together to regain your love for your smile!

What is a Smile Makeover?

Cosmetic Dentist with Smile Makeover Consultation for Veneers for Cosmetic DentistryNot just any teeth enhancement, a Smile Makeover is a cosmetic dental journey to transform your confidence!

Our smile makeover can be for one tooth or a full mouth reconstruction. We believe in designing your dream smile no matter your dental challenges!

Beyond dental cosmetics, the professional dental treatments that are part of the process are specific to your dream smile during your dental makeover journey.

Dr. To with patient

Your teeth makeover could fix your teeth in different stages by our dental specialists: 

  • Our cosmetic dentists use dental veneers, implants, crowns, and whitening to craft your personalized dream smile! 
  • For patients with missing teeth, our oral surgeon restore the look for a complete smile with their medical expertise.
  • Our orthodontist use braces and Invisalign to correct your teeth alignment for a straighter smile,

Let’s take a look at our smile makeover before and after for our dream smiles!

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How can smile makeover help my smile?

Adult Dental Patient happy with a smile makeover result with veneers from cosmetic dentistryEvery patient comes with unique challenges, and our cosmetic team is committed to designing your dream smile specific to your dental needs with our dental makeover.

A beautiful smile can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. A healthy smile can also improve your jaw function and fix poor teeth postures for long-lasting results!

We listen to your dental needs to tailor your personalized plan that meets your dental goals. A Smile Makeover can fix your teeth or improve your smile because of teeth problems or teeth accidents. 

Parklane Dental - Dr Eric To showing adult patient InvisalignIf you answered yes to questions above, then you might be a candidate for smile makeover to fix your teeth and improve your smile!

Our mission at Parklane Dental is to empower you to make the right health decision for your smile journey.

When you feel comfortable about taking the first step to dream smile, you can feel proud and confident about your dental health! 

Questions? We’d be happy answer any smile makeover questions at your smile consultation!

What is the Smile Makeover visit like?

Every smile makeover begins with a smile consultation visit!

Our focus is listening to you and your dental needs. During this step, our doctors acknowledge your step to a healthier smile. 

This Smile Makeover consultation is when the doctor can assess your smile goals. Our smile makeover experts customize a smile makeover journey that is tailored to your dental features and goals. 

Here is how your peek at your smile journey!

 Doctor with patient

1) Listen:

We listen to your dental concerns to better understand your unique dental needs! Our teeth transformations come from our keen eye on your personal challenges for your dream smile. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions about your smile makeover options!


 Veneer and Invisalign Consultation with Cosmetic Dentist

2) Assess:

In our consultation, our doctors conduct an assessment of your teeth and gum line with digital photography. We create a dental profile to assess your facial structures, dental features, teeth color, shape of your lips, and the health of your gums. This helps our cosmetic dentist find the best natural look with veneers and whitening treatments. 

 Smile Makeover Consultation for Dental Veneers with Cosmetic Dentists

3) Plan:

To plan your smile journey, we create a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your aesthetic and financial needs. Your doctors will prioritize your smile goals so you can choose the right steps for your Smile Makeover journey. It is important that our doctors design dental treatments that are only necessary and the right fit for you.

 Doctor with patient

4) Design:

Our cosmetic dentist can create a 3D model of your mouth for a digital mockup of your perfect smile. We work closely with our ceramic artists on every smile detail to create a physical wax-up model so you can see, look, and feel your dream smile!  

Cosmetic Dentist working on veneers wax model for a smile makeover case for cosmetic dentistryConsultations during the smile makeover journey are the perfect time to ask your smile questions! This is the moment to craft your dream smile with your doctor. 

We understand patients often prefer certain type of treatments, and our doctors are committed to providing the best and only necessary treatments for your dream smile

Both for one tooth and for a complete new look, your dream smile can help you with your dental issues and cosmetic concerns! 

Is Smile Makeover for me?

Adult Dental Patient Happy with Smile Makeover with Veneers from Cosmetic Dentist at Parklane Dental

Tired of your old look, and getting ready for a big day?

Touching up your smile for your wedding?

Or finally fixing that ugly tooth from your childhood?

A smile makeover is your personal journey to rediscover your confidence in your smile!

Both adults and teenagers can benefit from smile makeover for better long-term dental health with braces and InvisalignThe smile journey is a comfortable and easy experience for patients of all ages.

Cosmetic Dentist at a Smile Makeover Consultation with Adult Patient

Our dental specialists are here to design your dream smile that fits your healthy lifestyle and habits. Our modern treatments with cosmetic bonding and dental implants let you eat, drink, and enjoy your smile just like normal!

An important meeting with clients and business partners might need your smile transformation in fewer visits. My cosmetic dental experts can fit your dental veneer and teeth whitening treatments with your schedule!

Are you ready for a smile Makeover?

Dr. To with patientWe understands keen attention to your needs and a commitment to dental artistry are essential to crafting your dream smile!

Renown in Los Angeles for decades of delivering natural looking smiles, Dr. Eric To and Dr. Mary He transformed thousands of smiles with the Smile Makeover process in locations at Arcadia and in Temple City

Ready for your new, beautiful smile?

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