Teeth Grinding

woman grinding her teethAre you feeling pain or discomfort after waking up?

You might have teeth grinding during sleep, and may not even be aware of it!

Teeth grinding, medically known as bruxism, is fairly common.

While occasional teeth grinding may not cause real concerns, long-term can lead to teeth erosion!

What is a bruxism?

Bruxism, also known as teeth clenching, occurs when your teeth moves against each other with friction, causing a grinding motion between your upper and lower jaw.

This mechanical motion can wear down your teeth because the outside of your teeth are playing contact sport with each other.

Over time, this can lead to broken teeth, loss of tooth enamel, and even loss of teeth!

There are are many factors that can increase the chance of developing bruxism, including age, personality type, anxiety, caffeine, medications, and other health conditions.

If your partner or family hears you grinding at night, then let our doctors take a look at your next visit!

What is a nightguard?

mouthguardA nightguard is a transparent, thin dental tray that protects your teeth from grinding at night. 

Working with the best labs in Southern California, we create one convenient tray that covers your top row of teeth while your sleep.

They work by placing a comfortable barrier between your top and bottom jaws. When you clench your jaw at night, this dental appliance helps by cushioning the teeth and gum.

Hello Kitty NightguardThe nightguard will not interfere with your breathing! Instead, the night guard will lighten the tension and help reduce face and jaw pain.

Our doctors create a custom-fit tray made of super strong composite material that is nearly invisible when worn and amine-free to resist yellowing.

Our doctors ensure all your nightguards are crafted to your dental specification, so you can be sure for a snug fit!

Is nightguard for me?

Man with mouthguard

Are you…

  • Hearing teeth grinding at night?
  • Waking up with dull headaches?
  • Feeling jaw soreness after waking up?
  • Seeing swelling on one side of the face?
  • Having pain or tenderness in the jaw or face?

You might be hearing a popping or clicking noise when you open and close your mouth after a night of teeth grinding. This could cause a sudden, uncomfortable bite. Often, this could often be accompanied by a brief but often surprisingly difficulty chewing and even opening your mouth.

Ignoring these symptoms can further lead to serious and costly dental treatments. Loss and broken teeth might require our cosmetic and oral surgery expertise. A simple nightguard is an effective way to protect your teeth and help prevent jaw pain and headaches.

It might be take some time getting used to wearing this dental appliance, but it is well worth your dental health to focus on prevention and maintenance.

Are you ready for a good night sleep?

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