Galileos 3D Imaging

 Worried about too many x-rays? Our staff at Parklane Dental is trained in providing the seamless flow of optimized scan for rapid and accurate imaging of your mouth. 

Galileos is a 3D imaging system that incorporates innovative imaging technology to create both a panoramic radiograph and a 3D model of your entire mouth.

For our patient’s convenience, our machinery are available both at our location in Arcadia, CA and at Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental in Temple City, CA.


 The integrated technology give sour doctor an accurate and thorough look at your entire mouth, to help understand how implants and other treatments can best serve you. A single 14-second scan is all that the machine needs to provide the clinical views necessary for Dr. To and our staff to make informed diagnoses.

With the scans from Galileos, our confident team will provide you the best treatment plan from start to finish. 


 Gailileos 3D Imaging 
 Galileos provides our doctors to ensure treatment security due to visualization of the incidental findings. Our oral surgeon at Parklane Dental can then use the scans from this system to arrive at diagnostically significant findings for all dental indications. You can be sure that our oralsurgical treatments are based on reliable and accurate x-ray radiographs.

With the maxillofacial scans, our experienced doctors can provide specialist practice of implant and extraction treatments as our oralsurgeon at Parklane Dental can view your mouth with a larger radiograph of pertinent hard and soft tissue details and maxillofacial anatomy.