Zoom! Teething Whitening Special

Every patient deserves a natural, beautiful smile to share with your family and friends!

 Patient Special Promotion


Zoom! Whitening is one of our most popular whitening options at Parklane Dental.

Because of high demand from our patients, we are excited to offer this popular program for a discounted price for our Zoom! Teeth Whitening.

This procedure is done in person at our office through the Zoom! ADVANCED PLUS treatment, a 1-hour long session to whiten your teeth.

patient having teeth whitening

Is Zoom! whitening for me?

Many patients are deciding between Zoom! whitening and our Take-Home Whitening Kit.

During this in-office whitening treatment, our expert cosmetic team will help make your experience comfortable. 

This treatment typically lasts for about one year, and can be touched up with our Take-Home Whitening kit.

Both options for whitening have benefits that our patients love! My team of cosmetic dentistscan answer your questions about which is right for you at your visit!

Special Offer For You!

This special offer will make sure your bright smile doesn’t break the bank! 

Our patients focus on effectiveness and affordable access, and the Zoom! Whitening at the office might be the right treatment for you! They love that they can see immediate whitening result at the end of your visit!

Whitening is an affordable option to regain your confidence by brightening your smile!

Our teeth whitening treatment is available at locations in Arcadia, CA and in Temple City, CA. At your next visit or checkup, this is the perfect time to ask if you are the right candidate for whitening treatment!