What Invisalign Smiles Look Like?

Doctor pointing at TV with crooked teeth on screenWe know seeing is believing!

At our free orthodontic consultations, patients are asking about alternative to braces. 

These Invisalign clear aligners might just be the right treatment for your dream smile

With our advance 3D scanning, you can see your smile transformation with a digital model of what your straightened teeth will look like.

What are Invisalign Smiles?

Invisalign Consultation by Cosmetic Dentist with Adult PatientHave you been wondering what a straighter smile would look like on you?

Invisalign smiles are smile transformations done with Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign can correct your teeth misalignment for a straighter and healthier smile. Accidents from poor bites and misalignments are less likely with a healthier smile.

Crooked teeth and poor bites could make flossing harder! Gaps and enclosed spaces are also places where cavity bacteria can dwell.

You might be noticing your teeth misalignment issue just now! And that’s okay!

Why Choose Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners with Hello Kitty dental case from Parklane Dental with angel wings in Los AngelesInvisalign is the treatment patients loves for a straighter smile!

Invisalign treatments work by making complex tooth movements with barely noticeable aligners. The super-strong material gently applies the right amount of force for complex movement.

  • Freedom to speak and eat like normal!
  • Work, study, and travel with clear aligners!
  • No awkward moments with clients!
  • Removable aligners that won’t interrupt your busy lifestyle!
  • Customized aligners that snugly fits your gums and teeth!

Patient’s favorite part? Our 3D mapping expertise lets you see your Invisalign smile before starting!

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What about Smile Makeover with Invisalign?

It is common for patients to undergo Invisalign as part of a new smile journey. Invisalign, braces, and the orthodontic treatment are often one step out of a Smile Makeover journey. 

Let’s take a closer look this beautiful smile from our busy working professional Amara!

Before & After for dental implants, crown, and invisalign for smile makeover at Parklane Dental

Smile Makeover Case: 2x Implants, 1 Crown, and Invisalign

“Meeting daily with many clients, Amara wanted to improve her smile for her busy profession. 

She was hesitant to fix her heavily decayed teeth at first, but after our smile makeover visit, we tailored a treatment plan with Invisalign and dental implants

At our last Invisalign check-up, she was beaming with happiness at her straight smile!” 

Our Invisalign Smile Case Studies!

Both adults and teenagers pick Invisalign for the reliably results that you’ll be smiling about!

Here are gorgeous smiles from our Invisalign patients of all ages: adolescents, teenagers, adults:

You can see the clear transformation in gaps, spaces, and bite alignments between the Invisalign before and after photos.

To easily spot the Invisalign difference, the cheeks are slightly pulled for a better look.

 Invisalign before and after for Smile Makeover at Parklane Dental
 Invisalign before and after for Parklane Dental Smile Makeovers
 Invisalign before and after with Parklane Dental for Smile Makeover
 Invisalign before and after for Smile Makeover at Parklane Dental
 Before and After of Invisalign treatment with cosmetic dentist at Parklane Dental
 Before and After Smile Result of Invisalign and Dental Crown for Cosmetic Dentistry at Parklane Dental

Before and After of Invisalign for Teenage Male Patient

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Adult and Pediatric Patient Check-in for Dental Exam at Parklane DentalSeeing your dream smile with Invisalign couldn’t be easier!

At your free Invisalign exam, our orthodontist maps the outcome of your Invisalign journey with our digital 3D scanning.

Ready to say hello to a straighter smile?

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