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Meet Our Patients

Our patients enjoy friendly and quality service at Parklane Dental. This is one thing we are proud of, on top of the excellent dental treatments that our Dr. To and our doctor team provide. 

Parklane Dental follows providing exceptional patient service by delivering dental results through innovative and advance technology. Our staff here strive to ensure your visit is on time, and as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

Our patients bring us incredible warmth, and we love to hear about how your day is going! Schedule an appointment to find out what makes our patient service so incredible!


Dr. To
is the head dentist at Parklane Dental, and enjoys coordinating his entire team to provide the best dental service to you. His expertise is in cosmetic makeover, such as Veneers and clear braces, known as Invisalign. Using the latest technology CEREC and Element, Dr. To can create crowns, bridges, and dentures for your teeth. 

Using our 3D imaging systems, Dr. To can create a digital model of your teeth and gum line to show you your treatment options and dental results before your treatment. Ask him about our latest technology!

Infection control
is of utmost priority to us, and so we dedicate an entire team of dental technicians to scrub and clean our office after every treatment and every day to make you feel right at home!

Straight from our sterilization process, all our dental instruments and machines are routinely cleaned by our dedicated team of dental technicians and assistants. A clean and organized environment leads to happy dental results.

Our incredible staff at Parklane Dental are divided into numerous departments to serve your needs. Each team excels at their responsibility to serve your appointments, handle your insurance, assist your doctor, and maintain your dental hygiene. 

All our staff members are proud of the trust you confide in us, and we are especially proud that you have chosen us to be your preferred dental facility.  Should you have any question about our team, ask us at your next visit!

We wish our dental staff can accompany you all the time, but our hygienists operate at their best in our office where we can best serve you with our latest technology and instruments.

Making important decisions about your dental health is important, and we understand as our patients, you deserve to have all the information you need to comfortably and confidently commit to your treatment plan.

That is why we highly value an interaction consultation where we can answer all your questions and concerns.

If you  have any question about your treatment options, schedule an appointment with us when our team of doctors can answer your questions. 

Occasionally there are many different treatment options for your condition. Dr. To‘s expertise is in comestic dentistry, but leads a team of doctor specialists including orthodontic dentistry and oralsurgical dentistry.  Schedule a free braces exam with us today!

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