Our Parklane Dental Patients

Cosmetic Dentist reviewing dental veneers for smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry at Parklane Dental

We welcome new dental patients of all ages in Arcadia and Temple City! That means adults, kids, and families from all over the world!

Patients are looking for affordable dental care, and our smile experts and dental specialists are excited to welcome you for comprehensive dental care at our dental centers. 

A journey to a healthier smile is for everyone! Restoring your smile confidence at work and in your life is what we do here at Parklane Dental!

Patients of All Ages

Mother and Daughter visiting Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends at Dental OfficeParklane Dental accepts new dental patients of all ages in Arcadia and Temple City, California.

Families love to bring both their parents and kids for a whole family dental fun!

Dr. Eric To and our doctors believe in providing the highest quality of dental care to new patients of all ages! This philosophy comes from our passion for restoring excellent dental health to our kids and friends in our community.

Our doctors grew up understanding how bad dental health affected our parents and families. We want to do our part to provide access to dental treatments for both kids and adults!

Our Patient Testimonials

Our patients visit Parklane Dental from all over the world for our Smile Makeover journey!

Taking the first step to a healthier smile is an important step to better health.

My dental team and I are grateful for your trust in our decades of smile expertise and cosmetic artistry!

Patient safety and Infection control are our highest priority here at Parklane Dental! We love taking all the extra steps to keep you safe and comfortable!
 My dentists are Smile Makeover experts who listen to your dental problems to craft your dream smile. Thank you for trusting recommendations from our community and patients!
 We recommend dental treatments that are right and necessary for our patients. We are thankful for your trust in my dental team!
 Every patient’s dream is different, and that means we tailor your smile journey with veneers and implants that fit your natural smile! 
Seeing your satisfaction in your dream smile is our reward! Our patients light up with the happiest smile after seeing their beautiful look at the end of their smile transformation!
As your smile experts, we are honored by your dentist recommendations for Parklane Dental as the best dentist in Arcadia and Temple City! 

patient reviews

Adult Male Dental Patient with Arcadia Parklane Dental teamRestoring your teeth and gums back to health is our privilege as your dentalcare provider.

We feel loved hearing about your compliments about our Smile Makeovers!

Our doctors are grateful for your dentist recommendation for Parklane Dental as the best dentists and dental veneer experts in Arcadia and Temple City!

Thank you for entrusting your dental health with your Hello Kitty and Gudetama dental team!

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Our dentists and doctors thank you for trusting your dental health with our exclusive Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental experience in Temple City, California!

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We thank you for taking the first step in your dental health!

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