Question about your dental Insurance?

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Don’t let questions about your dental insurance from holding back your smile journey!

Understanding your dental insurance can be difficult, and we can help!

Our Arcadia dentists and Temple City dentists are committed to helping patients understand their dental care coverage under their dental insurance.

What dental Insurance Plans?

Adult dental patient happy with teeth cleaning with dental hygienist from Parklane DentalPatients often ask us if their dental insurance plan is accepted – a common factor in choosing your dentist in Temple City and in Arcadia.

Most insurance plans are accepted, and we are in network with PPO plans. 

HMO plans are not accepted. HMO patients are assigned a dentist by their plans.

We are contracted with the following plans and more! The most common insurance plans are bolded. Your insurance plan can also be under a different name. This is not a complete list! 

Want to know if your insurance covers your visit to Parklane Dental? Just call us!

AIG Life
Always Care Benefit
Anthem Dental
Assurant Dental
Beam Smart Premium
Best Life
Brighter Dental
Blue Shield
Blue Cross
Careington Dental
CCOPA Trust Fund
Chesterfield Insurance
Cigna Dental
Citizens Security
Connection Dental
Delta Dental
Dental Benefits Provider
Dental Health Alliance
Dental Select
Direct Care
Direct Reimbursement
EMI Health
Empire BlueCross BlueShield
Employer Driven Insurance
First Dental health
First Health Network
Hawaii Dental Services

Laborers Trust Fund
Level Benefits
Liberty Dental
Health Net
Health Scope Benefit
Mega Insurance
Metlife Dental
Mutual of Omaha
National Care
Nationwide Employee Benefits
Physicians Mutual
Planned Administrators
Premier Access
Redwood Health Services
Risk Management
RSL Speciality
SC Soft Drink Industry
Southland Benefit Solutions
TCU MTA Trust Fund
Time Insurance
Topa Insurance
United Food and Com Workers Union
United Concordia
United Healthcare
Unum Dental
Washington Dental Services
….and more!

Can’t find us in your dental insurance plan?

Parklane Dental might not be listed in the updated directory of your insurance plan.

Our dental centers could also be listed under our Arcadia dentists and our Temple City dentists: Dr. Eric To, Dr. Mary He, Dr. Timothy Ng, Dr. Jennifer Wu, Dr. Kevin Brewer, and Dr. Jennifer Wu.

If you have questions about your plan, call us to check! We may accept your dental insurance, and we’ll find a way to care for you!

What about my Dental Insurance Coverage?

Adult Male Dental Patient with Arcadia Parklane Dental teamDental insurance has many technical terms, and we understand how frustrating it can be to identify what type of coverage you have.

Ahead of your visit, we will verify your insurance status and check your check your insurance eligibility and benefits available to you as a courtesy.

  • Some patients have a HMO medical plan but have a PPO dental plan, such as Kaiser Permanente patients. 
  • Some dental insurance plans have a “waiting period” that begins insurance coverage only after this waiting period has passed. 

If your plan is not accepted or if your coverage is not active, we’ll contact you ahead of your visit!

What does my dental insurance cover?

Invisalign Consultation with Cosmetic Dentist at Parklane DentalIt is good practice to check your insurance coverage ahead of your visit! 

Many patients have dental insurance plans through their employer. For questions about your coverage, it is good to check with your Human Resources department or to speak with your insurance agent.

Coverage Amount

Your portion of your payment for your visit is known as the coverage amount or percentage treatment. 

This coverage amount is different for each treatment and for each insurance plan, and the amount is set by your individual contract or through your employer.

Specialty Treatments

It is common for patients to ask if their insurance plan cover implants, Invisalign and braces and other major dental services ahead of your dental visit. 

Most insurances do cover braces and Invisalign, but there are limitations from the insurance on orthodontic treatment. Most insurances also cover implants, but there are insurance rules about replacing missing tooth. 

Not Using Insurance Coverage?

Dental Assistant Showing Tooth Ache Response with Hello Kitty themed dental roomOur dental team welcomes patients of all ages to Parklane Dental, and we understand every patient has an unique insurance plan!

Some plans might not cover some dental services. And some patients choose not to use their insurance coverage for their visit.

For patients without PPO insurance, our New Patient Special might be the dental package for your first visit to Parklane Dental!

This exclusive promotional special is perfect for patients looking for a dental exam and cleaning in Arcadia and in Temple City!

New Patient Special

First Visit to Parklane Dental

Adult Dental Patient booking appointments with Dental Team at Parklane Dental in ArcadiaOur Insurance Specialists are well informed and up-to-date and can help you verify your insurance eligibility as a courtesy. 

Please bring your insurance information and insurance card to your first visit! This helps expedite reimbursement and payment from your dental insurance to you! 

We are more than happy to help you with your dental insurance questions! If you have any problems or questions, let us help at your first visit!

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