Here are some of our commonly asked questions from our patients and fans!

COVID Safety

Q:        Are you open?
        是的! Parklane Dental reopened after temporary closure to support physical distancing efforts in California. We closely monitored appropriate guidelines to ensure we are keeping you safe. Our patients appreciate our weekly open letters on how we are adapting to the changing time. Looking for a dentist open in Temple City and in Arcadia? 我们在这里为您服务!

Q:         Is it safe to go to the dentist at Parklane Dental right now?
是的! It is safe to go see your dentist at Parklane Dental! 在 我们对COVID的回应, we shared how our recently enhanced disinfection protocols are in compliance with California state health department and dental boards. Our existing top-notch disinfection standard includes regularly cleaning surfaces, interiors, and dental chairs in all patient areas and appointment rooms.

Q:        How is Parklane Dental responding to COVID-19?
        We are practicing proper hygiene and physical distancing, and your dental team here has acquired new machines to sterilize patient areas! We fully trained in the use of personal protective equipment and our new electrostatic mist sprayer and HEPA H13 air purifier. 探索我们的感染控制 section on how we are keeping you safe!


Q:        什么是三丽鸥朋友X柏丽牙科?
A:      三丽鸥朋友X柏丽牙科 is an unique dental experience featuring your Sanrio FriendsLocated in Temple City, 加利福尼亚州, this is the only dentistry in the world to feature Hello Kitty and Gudetama in a partnership between 三丽鸥朋友 and Parklane Dental. Come and visit your favorite dental team and say hi to Badtz-maru, Keroppi, Little Twin Stars and more!

Q:        Can I come as an adult or as a child?
A:      是的! Parklane Dental is open to 所有年龄段的患者! Our adult patients enjoy our Sanrio x Parklane experience just as much as kids, and they often bring along their kids, parents, and grandparents! During some days of the week, 我们的 儿科专家 is a just for kids dentist and sees only young patients, so our pediatric dental team can take care of your kids!

Q:        What is included in the experience?
A:      After registering you as a patient of record at our Temple City location, we invite you to visit our Sanrio Friends in our community rooms! We are excited to bring smiles to our friends and patients in our Hello Kitty and Gudetama operatory rooms! Every patient receives a complimentary giftwith an exclusive SanrioxParklane goodie tote bag and a dental care kit!

Q:        我可以为Hello Kitty的房间和Gudetama客房预订?
      凯蒂猫室和Gudetama房被分配到我们的基础上,安排剩余天患者. 房间是提供给我们一个病人先到先得, 在预定的约会时间先服务的基础. 我们的病人总是欢迎在我们的主题社区客房设有凯蒂猫和她的朋友们!


Q:        我如何在柏丽牙科预约?
A:       预约时间 are made in advance by phone. 步行插件,不接受. 如果你提交我们的网站上预约请求, 我们的病人协调员将尽快与您联系,以帮助您安排您的预约.

Q:        我可以更改或取消我的任命?
A:        如果你想修改你的约会, we would be happy to accommodate your changes any time two days before the appointment. 您的预约已锁定 48 hours before your appointment time for our team members to prepare for your treatment. 逾期取消费用将应用于后期已被取消并没有出现。  

Q:        晚m设置为我的任命;如果I&rsquo的什么? 我仍然能够就座?
       据我们了解,有时会发生生活! 如果你预计你会迟到, 请致电给我们 626.247.4788 as soon as you can to let us know of your late arrival. 我们将尽我们所能,我们所有的患者座位. 然而, 如果你超过 10 晚分钟, 您的预约将自动作废.

Q:        Is there a difference between your locations?   
A:      There is no difference in patient care between our locations in 天普市阿卡迪亚. 由于柏宁牙科收缩与你的牙科保险公司, 你的治疗费用是由你的牙科保险计划分配到每道工序.


Q:        我可以用我的牙齿保险在柏丽牙科?
       We understand our patients often have many questions about their insurance coverage, 一位患者都有不同 牙科保险计划. 如果你有一个关于你的独特的保险计划问题, 请致电我们的办公室与我们的保险专家说.

Q:        如果我没有牙科保险, 我可以来东莞柏宁牙科?
A:    柏丽牙科很高兴能够继续我们的促销包,患者无保险! 从包, 患者无保险将获得全面的牙科检查和所有必要的X射线. A complimentary general cleaning will be provided only if the patient does not have 牙周 (口香糖) 疾病. 请访问我们的 Special 欲获得更多信息!

First Visits

Q:        我期望在我第一次访问什么?
        这是一件好事来知情! 在您第一次访问, 我们的医生将评估你的牙齿状况 x射线 并在您的口腔健康进行全面检查. 然后, 医生会与您讨论任何必要的治疗. 看看我们 首次访问页面 有关更多信息,什么带给你!

Q:        What languages do you speak?
         Our dental team comes from a wide range of languages and heritages, and we are proud of diversity! 我们会说英文, 西班牙文, 中文 (普通话, 广东话, 和台湾人), 韩语, 越南文,  和更多!

Q:        Can I see a specialist at Parklane Dental at my first visit?
      我们的牙齿组提供了许多 牙科专业 适宜在柏丽牙科. 如果你想看看我们下面的专家之一, 我们的病人协调员非常乐意帮助您安排您的光临. Let us know you are interested in dental specialty treatment!

Q:        我在哪里可以找到有关三丽鸥朋友X柏丽牙科更多的更新?
       Please follow us on Facebook的Instagram的 and our website for the latest update, 而在我们的盛大开幕式上的Hello Kitty的独特的机会,! 如果您留下您的姓名, 电话号码, 和电子邮件, 我们将很乐意让你知道任何官方公告.