Gudetama dental Case



温馨可爱, 这个容器盒非常适合存放您的透明对准器 (Invisalign的) or your nightguard at home or on a trip.

Stay comfy at home while you keep your dental appliances safe in this Gudetama 牙科病例!

Lazy Gudetama is your guide to a bright new smileeven when you’re on the go!

How Do I Get A Gudetama Dental Case?

Adult Patient Holding Gudetama Dental Case in front of Hollywood Chinese Theatre in Los AngelesWe believe in helping you stay healthy at home and on the go!

专为我们的正畸患者而设 Sanrio x Parklane, this special case is perfect to store your dental appliances.

We are happy to offer our Gudetama dental case as a complimentary gift to your treatment!

The dental case is complimentary for our Smile Makeover patients with dental appliances. Cosmetic patients will love this dental case for your 带回家的美白套装!

What Can My Gudetama Dental Case Protect?

牙科用具有多种形状和尺寸! This case can help protect your dental appliances and keep them safe and clean.

  • That includes dental trays and aligners likeInvisalign的 (清除对准器) 以及任何后处理固定器!
  • For our our egg-stra lazy friends who love sports… 你可以保护你的 运动护齿 在最可爱的牙科案例中!
  • After waking up a restful night of sleep, protect your snore guard (为了 打鼾) 或者你的夜班守卫 (为了 磨牙) with the help of Gudetama!

询问我们的 微笑改头换面 journey at your next visit to get your Gudetama dental case!


Child Gudetama Dental Case

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Shake your grumpy dental routine with this cute exclusive Gudetama dental box!

This is available as a complimentary gift to all our orthodontic patients of all ages at 柏丽牙科寺市.

我们将使用最先进的技术 3D牙齿影像, 这样您就可以在开始正畸治疗之前看到美丽的笑容.

我们正在接受牙套或Invisalign治疗的患者可以收到此特别礼物, 所以现在就预订免费的牙套考试!