Gudetama x Parklane Dental Case



暖かくてかわいい, このコンテナボックスは、クリアアライナーを保管するのに最適です (インビザライン) and NightGuard at home wherever you want!

Stay comfy at home while you keep your dental appliances safe in this Gudetama デンタルケース!

Lazy Gudetama is your guide to a bright new smileeven when you’re on the go!

How Do I Get A Gudetama Dental Case?

Adult Patient Holding Gudetama Dental Case in front of Hollywood Chinese Theatre in Los AngelesWe believe in helping you stay healthy at home and on the go!

Exclusive for our orthodontic and treatment patients at サンリオ×パークレーン, this special case is perfect to store your dental appliances.

We are happy to offer our Gudetama dental case as a complimentary gift for treatment patients!

The dental case is complimentary for your Smile Makeover journey with dental appliances. Cosmetic patients will love this dental case for your 持ち帰り用ホワイトニングキット!

Let’s look at what dental appliances can this eggs-tra cute dental case protect!

What Can My Gudetama Dental Case Protect?

Dental appliances come in many shapes and sizes!

Your Gudetama case helps protect your dental appliances and keep them safe and clean.

私たちについて尋ねる スマイル変身 journey at your next visit for your Gudetama dental case!


Child Gudetama Dental Case

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Shake your grumpy dental routine with this cute exclusive Gudetama dental box!

This is available as a complimentary gift to all our orthodontic patients of all ages at 寺市のパークレーン歯科.

最新のテクノロジーを使用して 3D歯の画像, 矯正治療を始める前に美しい笑顔を見ることができます.

ブレースまたはインビザライン治療を受けている患者は、この特別なギフトを受け取ることができます, 今すぐ無料のブレース試験を予約してください!