preparing for your First Visit

最初の予約は、診断と治療の選択肢を説明する相談で構成されます. 時々, treatment can be done on the same day as the consultation. During your consultation with 博士. に and our dental team examining your medical and dental history, your dentist might present an evaluation and a treatment plan. A second appointment on another day might be necessary to give time for your dental team to prepare your treatment with as much time as needed to ensure your satisfaction.

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1) COVID Screening

の一環として COVIDレスポンス, our team members will perform health checks before visit and on arrival.

  • Facemask is required.
  • Physical distancing in patient area.
  • Only one guardian per minor is allowed for visit.

2) Your referral slip and X-ray’s.

If a doctor referred you to Parklane Dental, please bring yourreferral slip with dental information for our doctors.

If your previous dentist has taken recent X線 (6か月以内), you may request your previous dentist to send them to our office.

If additional films are necessary in addition to your previous x-rays, they can be taken at our facility with our x-ray technology inside every room.私たちをご覧ください X線ページ 詳しくは.

3) A list of medications you are taking.

Medications you are presently taking may affect the dental medications and treatment procedures that you receive here. 博士に相談してください. To and your dental team for more details regarding your medication!.

Please alert the office if you have a medical condition that may be of concern or if you are on any medication or require medication before your visit.

4) For medical or 歯科保険, bring copies of your insurance forms.

This will save time and allow us to help you process your insurance claims!

しばしば, あなたの保険は 保険証 with important information regarding your insurance plan such as the insurance group name and ID number, coverage date, と加入者 (名前, 生年月日, 患者との関係, とID番号).

5) 到着してください 15 minutes before your first visit.

患者さんの時間を大切にする, we ask our new patients to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment for paperless new patient registration.

This will give you time to complete your patient information and medical history forms on your phone or on our tablet.


親または保護者はすべての患者に同行する必要があります 歳未満 18 診察訪問時. 入院患者が以下の年齢の場合 18, 会計に署名するには、親または保護者が同席する必要があります, 医療の, すべての治療と手順の同意書.

As part of our COVID response, we ask that only one guardian or parent accompany any minor for his or her dental visit here at Parklane Dental. Thank you for helping us keep our community safe!

Oral Health Assessment

For kids entering public school in California for the first year, 私達の pediatric dentist can help you complete the Oral Health Assessment Form as required by your school.

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