Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental Case

Hand holding Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental Hello Kitty dental case for Invisalign, リテーナー, and whitening trays
 Protect your dental trays and aligners while on the go!

Travel, work, and study with your Sanrio Friends as you protect your dental treatment trays with our cutest dental case!

Exclusive for our orthodontic and cosmetic patients at サンリオ×パークレーン, この特別なケースは保管に最適です インビザライン (クリアアライナー) そしてまた後処理の保持器!

Hello Kitty Dental Cases for Invisalign and Braces Retainers at Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental

What is a Dental Case?

Hello Kitty dental case from Parklane Dental in front of the Manhattan Bridge in New York CityCan’t figure out how to store your dental treatments?

Our dental case are exclusively made to protect your dental appliances while on the go!

The case can store a variety of dental appliances that are available at Parklane Dental. These appliances include dental trays, dental aligners, dental retainers, dental dentures, and dental mouth guards.

No need to stress over storage when the dental case can keep it clean! That means you can bring your dental appliances with you to a vacation trip or on the road without stress.

How Do I Get A Sanrio Friend Dental Case?

テンプルシティのサンリオフレンズ×パークレーンデンタルでハローキティとぐでたまのスマイル変身用デンタルケースを持っている審美歯科医Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental cases are available only at the world’s only dentistry featuring Hello Kitty, Gudetama, 世界で唯一の歯科機能へようこそ!

It’s our mission to help you stay healthy at home or on the go.

That means we are excited to offer you a complimentary dental case will protect your dental appliances

Patients with 矯正歯科 and treatment will receive this exclusive Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental case with your dental appliances!

私たちについて尋ねる スマイル変身 journey at your next visit for your Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental case!

Sanrio Friends Dental Case Giveaway

Hello Kitty Dental case from Parklane Dental with Sanrio Friends pastries for patients私たちに従ってください インスタグラム, フェイスブック, とティクトク 私たちのプレゼントのために!

We are giving a Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental dental case to lucky fans!

Pick ハローキティ そして Gudetama as your dental besties! 明るく愛らしい – このコンテナボックスは、明確なアライナーを保持するのに最適です。 (インビザライン) or your whitening kit.

従う@WeAreParklaneDental for the latest giveaway post and rules to participate!


Sanrio x Parklane Patients

Hello Kitty and Gudetama Dental Cases protecting dental patient's teeth whitening dental trays for on the go travel

Ready to pick up your Sanrio Friend as your dental bestie?


This cute exclusive Hello Kitty dental box will be complimentary to our orthodontic and treatment patients for adults and kids at Parklane Dental in Temple City!

Invisalign and Braces visit

Adult patient holding a pair of Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental case with Invisalign aligners

Let’s extra cuteness to your everyday teeth straightening routine with the cutest dental case!

With our state of the art technology to take a 3D歯の画像, you can see your beautiful smile before beginning your orthodontic treatment!

Ask your dental team about your 無料の歯科矯正相談 ParklaneDentalで!

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