What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentist with adult female patient for dental exam and Invisalign consultation at Parklane Dental in Arcadia, カリフォルニアIt’s time to restore smile confidence for a beautiful, natural look!

Our cosmetic dentists are Smile Makeover experts in designing a bright and complete smile

Let our Temple City dentists and Arcadia dentists listen to your dental goals and tailor a smile journey that you deserve!

What Are Cosmetic Treatments?

患者が座っている歯科医院Cosmetic treatments lift up patientssmile confidence by refreshing the look of their smiles

Cosmetic dentistry is different from restorative dentistry. While restorative treatments focus on restoring the function of your smile, cosmetic treatments focus on the overall appearance of the patient’s smile.

Our cosmetic dentists begin with a スマイル変身 consultation to hear your needs and concerns.

We design a smile that is tailored to your dental health and unique smile. With our smile artistry and expertise, we focus on the color, position, 形, サイズ, and alignment of your teeth, 歯茎, and smile.

After dental work to improve the look of your teeth, 歯茎, and bite, your personal smile journey ends with your dream smile


What Are Common Treatments for Cosmetic Dentistry?

美容歯科医師. Eric To with adult female patient for Smile Makeover consultation for cosmetic dentistry with dental veneers

審美歯科 treatments can give you a smile to share with your family and friends!

Modern cosmetic dentistry techniques make it easier than ever to have a bright, even veneer smile!

Ask your Temple City cosmetic dentists and Arcadia dentists which cosmetic treatments are right for you! Our team of dental specialists, 歯科矯正医, and oral surgeon together can craft the smile that you deserve, with a diversity of treatment options!

Laser teeth whitening for cosmetic dentistry with cosmetic dentist in Gudetama themed dental room歯のホワイトニング

Teeth whitening at Parklane Dental is a safe and professional cosmetic treatment to brighten your smile! Get ready to whiten your smile in one visit or at home!

You might be wondering is cosmetic dentistry is for you?

パークレーン歯科で, our smile makeover experts will check your smile first to identify your unique smile features. This lets us recommend only necessary treatments for your smile journey.

Let’s craft your dream smile with veneers that you’ve been waiting for!

READY To Restore Your Smile?

ハローキティ歯科室で笑顔を変身させた後、審美歯科治療に満足した成人歯科患者Don’t let that smile problem ruin your confidence!

We can fix blemishes, stains, and cracks with cosmetic treatments.

For one tooth or a complete smile, our Arcadia and Temple City cosmetic dentists can restore your smile to a gorgeous, natural-look

Are you ready to see a beautiful, long-lasting smile?