Parklane Specials for Dental Patients

Adult female dental patient happy with dental specials in Gudetama themed dental themed roomOur Arcadia dentists and Temple City dentists are excited to bring affordable dental care at Parklane Dental!

Our patient specials are perfect for dental patients of all ages. That means adults and kids too!

Why Patient Specials?

日から 1, our smile experts provide the highest quality dental service with our latest technology and attentive care for your Smile Makeovers.

To help our patients with dental care access, we are proud to bring back our popular specialsthanks to overwhelming patient satisfaction from our patients!

Financial options are available to patients for the flexibility of an accommodating payment planFor questions, chat with us for more details!


Parklane Dental での歯科検診後の小児患者との一般および美容歯科医We are excited to continue our popular special for new patients!

This special is loved by our patients without insurance coverage for their first visit!

Your insurance might not cover a dental visit, and your insurance coverage might not cover your visit due to a waiting period or limitation.

Learn more about this 新しい患者の特殊for your first visit!

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Laser Whitening and Take-Home Kit!

patient having teeth whitening

Shine brightly and confidently with teeth whitening!

Only professional dental whitening with a dentist can brighten your smile by many shades!

Two popular options let you whiten effectively in one effective session of Laser Teeth Whitening, or at home or on to go whenever you want with our 持ち帰り用ホワイトニングキット!

Ready to whiten your smile?

Laser Zoom! ホワイトニング

Free Braces and Invisalign Consultation

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Eric To explaining gum disease with swollen gum simulation for dental exam at Parklane DentalAre crooked teeth and bad bites holding your smile back

Orthodontic treatments with 中括弧 そして インビザライン are perfect to fix gaps and correct your smiles! They can straighten your teeth with state-of-the-art technology

Ready to see your straight smile with our 3D iTero simulation?

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