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ビデオツアーParklane Dental was established with the philosophy of restoring your smile confidence with our スマイル変身 expertise and dental artistry!

That means a natural-looking, beautiful smile is for everyone!

Whether for a toothache or cosmetic enhancements, 私たちの歯科チームはあなたの世話をして喜んでいます 口腔衛生 あなたがドアを通り抜ける瞬間が必要です.

Ready for a stress-free and soothing dental experience that you deserve?


Our Arcadia dentists and Temple City dentists can answer your dental questions at your visit!

For questions about your dentist appointment at Parklane Dental, までお電話 626.445.3388 (アルカディア, CA) そして 626.247.4788 (寺市, CA) 私たちと話すために!

General and cosmetic dentist with an adult male patient for dental exam初めての訪問を予約する!

Looking to book your first appointment with our Arcadia dentists and Temple City dentists?

We’re here to help! Our award-winning dental centers are ready to welcome you and your family for comprehensive dental care

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Cosmetic dentist with woman adult dental patient for cosmetic dentistry consultation for smile makeover in Hello Kitty dental room


We understand preparing for a doctor visit can get anxious. Our dental team is committed to a stress-free experience for your little ones and you.

しばしば, patients have x-ray files or health documents from a previous dentist. One way to stay comfortable is to bring all your dental and insurance information for your visit!



Trouble understanding your dental insurance?

Every insurance plan is different, and each insurance patient has their unique coverage, deductible, and treatment fees. Don’t hesitate to ask us about your eligibility!

Insurance Info

アルカディアのデンタル センターで COVID に対する感染制御のための滅菌を行うパークレーン デンタル チームのメンバー, CASafety Control

Your safety is our highest priority at Parklane Dental.

Our Arcadia and Temple City dental teams are committed to keeping our patients, visitors, and dentalcare professionals safe with our enhanced COVID safety protocols.