General Doctor reviewing Cavity with Adult Dental Patient医者の診察に行くことは神経を壊す可能性があります, but coming to Parklane Dental is safe and comfortable!

As parents ourselves, our Smile Makeover dentists understand why our patients may have concerns about x-rays.

Let’s address your questions together for a stress-free visit with advance digital x-ray imaging!

What are Dental x-rays used for?

 Dental x-rays are a useful diagnostic tool for doctors.

They help our Arcadia dentists and Temple City dentists to dental concerns not visible to the eye.

For convenience to our patients, our advance digital x-ray technology is available at all our dental studios!

Get ready to relax with personalized digital x-ray technology in each patient room!

Cosmetic Doctor Reviewing X-ray for Smile Makeover Consultation1) Why do Parklane dentists need dental x-rays?

Our doctors are exceptionally trained and experienced at spotting signs and symptoms of oral disease on the exterior of your teeth and the exterior of the gum.

But博士. エリックへ そして私たちの歯科医チームはまだあなたの歯の中を見る超能力を開発していません!

The safe use of digital x-ray help our Smile Makeover experts see areas that we normally can not use at a regular physical oral exam.

Dentist and Hello Kitty at a doctor examination looking at x-rays2) What do Parklane dentists see with dental x-rays?

Our dentist team strives to provide the best preventive treatment with advance dental technologyincluding x-rays.

That means our dentists use safe and comfortable digital x-rays for treatment diagnosis. It helps with early detection of teeth damage and diseases.

目視検査の制限のため, x-rays can reveal problems in areas between teeth or hidden by fillings:

  • 虫歯 between teeth and cavities
  • 骨の内部の感染症
  • 歯周病
  • 膿瘍または嚢胞
  • そして 腫瘍

With modern technology, our digital x-rays are one of the best tools for your smile journey.

Why do I need Dental x-rays?

Doctor and patient

あなたの歯のX線なしで, dentists can not check the dental health of the area inside your tooth.

Images from digital x-rays accurately confirm the presence of cavities and other oral diseases.

With digital x-ray imaging, we can determine the present status of your oral health!

1) How do dental x-rays help me?

X-rays also functions as your dental health baseline for doctors and dental professionals to identify changes that may occur later.This helps our Smile Makeover experts track your journey at your next appointment when x-rays are taken again.

例えば, X線が取り込まれる可能性があります 6 新しい虫歯が発生したかどうかを確認するための詰め物の前回の予約から数か月後, 特に詰め物の下.

2) What about dental x-ray for my children?

The dental health of pediatric patients is different from adult dental patients.

子供の歯が急速に成長するだけではありません, また、子供の大人の歯のセットはしばしば見えません (しかし、赤ちゃんの歯の下の歯茎の内側)!

したがって, アメリカ歯科協会 おすすめ でのX線検査 6 子供のための月間隔と 小児患者. さらに, X線は写真ギャラリーの一部として機能し、歯の成長の進行状況を示します。 子供の中かっこ.

What About X-ray Safety and Radiation?

Radiation Chart showing that dental x-ray has the lowest radiation out of common medical x-rays1) Are dental x-rays safe?

歯科用X線検査は 安全な!

歯科は非常に低レベルの放射線被曝を必要とします, but dental x-ray tools and techniques are designed to limit that.

Proper shielding in our office makes exposure even lower!

ために 比較, 日常的な歯科用X線からの曝露は 未満

2) What about radiation?

It is common for patients to be concerned about radiation.

Any exposure from dental x-ray is 非常に小さい in comparison with other medical x-rays.

For your リファレンス, xrays at a regular dental exam (約 6 imagesis aboutのみ 1.2 µSv (microsievert) units of radiation.

  • A mammography emits 3,000 µSv (2500x regular dental exam).
  • A GI tract x-ray emits 6,000 µSv (5000x regular dental exam).

3) What about patients with pregnancy?


妊娠中の患者さんのX線の安全性に懸念があることを理解しています. 有鉛エプロンは腹部への露出を最小限に抑えます.

審査 アメリカ産科婦人科学会による, “患者はしばしばその予防を安心させる必要があります, 診断, と口腔状態の治療, 歯科用X線を含む (腹部と甲状腺のシールド付き) … are safe during pregnancy.

What If I Have X-rays From Another Dentist?

If you have x-rays from your previous dentist or from another doctor, you may request them to send your x-rays files to our dental offices inアルカディア そして寺市

しかしながら, they are older than 6 月, new x-rays will be taken for a more accurate snapshot of your 口腔衛生.

Ready to take a look at your dental health?