preparing for your First Visit

Su cita inicial consistirá en una consulta explicando su diagnóstico y opciones de tratamiento. De vez en cuando, treatment can be done on the same day as the consultation. During your consultation with Dr. A and our dental team examining your medical and dental history, your dentist might present an evaluation and a treatment plan. A second appointment on another day might be necessary to give time for your dental team to prepare your treatment with as much time as needed to ensure your satisfaction.

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Favor ayudar proporcionando la siguiente información en el momento de la consulta:

1) COVID Screening

Como parte de nuestra respuesta COVID, our team members will perform health checks before visit and on arrival.

  • Health and wellness check for patients and team members.
  • Expandedour infection control protocols and increased routine cleaning of surfaces with medical-grade disinfectant.
  • Enhancedpersonal protective equipment (EPI) ydental hygiene etiquette.
  • Barriers, physical distancing in our patient areas with and 6-feet, open-spaced seating, the option to wait in your vehicle, removing magazines and toys.
  • Facemasks required, and entry is permitted for patients with appointments only (and one guardian per minor).

2) Su derivación resbalón y ninguna de rayos X del caso.

Si otro médico le denomina Parklane Dental, your referral slip would help in communicating your dental information to our team of doctors.

If your previous dentist has taken recent rayos X (dentro de los 6 meses), you may request her office to send them to our office or pick up a digital or physical copy.If additional films are necessary in addition to your previous x-rays, they can be taken at our facility with our x-ray technology inside every room!

Visita nuestro Página de rayos x para más información.

3) Una lista de los medicamentos que está tomando actualmente.

Medications you are presently taking may affect the dental medications and treatment procedures that you receive here. Por favor consulte el Dr.. To and your dental team for more details regarding your medication

Please alert the office if you have a medical condition that may be of concer or if you are on any medication or require medication before your visit.

4) Si usted tiene o médica seguro dental, traer una copia de los formularios necesarios.

This will save time and allow us to help you process your insurance claims!

A menudo, su seguro podría emitir una tarjeta de seguro que contiene parte de la información más importante con respecto a su plan de seguro. Detalles importantes incluyen plan de seguro, Nombre del grupo de seguros y número de identificación, coverage date, y el abonado (nombre, fecha de nacimiento, relación con el paciente, y el número de ID).

5) Por favor llegue 15 minutes before your first visit.

Como valoramos el tiempo de nuestro paciente, we ask our new patients to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment. This will give you more time to complete your patient information and medical history forms.

IMPORTANT FOR MINORS: Un padre o tutor debe acompañar a todos los pacientes cuales son menores de 18 en la visita de consulta. Si el paciente entrante es menor de edad 18, un padre o tutor debe estar presente para firmar financiera, médico, y formularios de consentimiento para todos los tratamientos y procedimientos.

As part of our COVID response, we ask that only one guardian or parent accompany any minor for his or her dental visit here at Parklane Dental. Thank you for helping us keep our community safe!