What is Periodontal Maintenance?

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After fighting gum disease with limpieza dental profunda, it’s time to maintain that gum care!

Bacteria and plaque might come back soon, and a visit to our professional hygiene team is needed to keep gum disease away!

A special type of treatment is needed to maintain your optimal gum health after deep cleaning

This treatment is called periodontal maintenance!

What is Periodontal Maintenance?

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After fighting gum disease with deep cleaning at Parklane Dental, your next treatment to restore gum health is periodontal maintenance.

Because of history of gum disease, patients might be more prone to plaque buildup again. The plaque bacteria might return because of poor gum health.

Periodontal maintenance is a professional dental hygiene treatment that cleans deeper than a regular dental cleaning:

  1. Clean your periodontal pockets below the swollen gum lines.
  2. Flush the pockets with antiseptic for disinfection.
  3. Get down to your gums and between your teeth.
  4. Remove the tartar buildup (calculus) of plaque.
  5. Lowers the amount of plaque bacteria.
  6. Help shrink the periodontal pockets.

Your gums can then become healthier when the inflammation can get better and when the pockets can shrink!

Why is Periodontal Maintenance so important?

Cosmetic Dentist consultation for gum disease and Invisalign for smile makeover at Parklane Dental in Arcadia, California

Periodontal maintenance is prescribed only after a patient has been diagnosed with enfermedad de las encías and treated with dental deep cleaning at Parklane Dental.

As your gums are healing from gum disease, not all the bacteria and plaque will stay removed from your dental deep cleaning.

A menudo, bacteria will come back soon within 3 months after your last visit.

This is why dentists recommend to see the dentist sooner as prescribed, specific to your gum health condition.

If you do not undergo peridoontal maintenance soon after your dental deep cleaning, plaque and bacteria may buildup again, and your gums might not get better. Your gums may continue to be swollen and inflamed.

That is why it is important to visit your hygiene team at Parklane Dental as prescribed by your dentist.

How does it Help Prevent Gum Disease?

Limpieza de dientes adultos con higienista dentalThe best way to prevent gum disease is effective daily brushing and flossing techniques.

Untreated gum disease can lead to many dental issues for patients:

  • Loose teeth from bone loss
  • Persistent bad breathe or bad taste
  • Sensitive teeth from exposed roots
  • Tender gums that bleed easily
  • Red, puffy, and swollen gums
  • Receding gum line
  • Painful chewing

Desafortunadamente, incluso con el cuidado dental en casa más diligente, patients still may develop some form of periodontal disease.

Problems like periodontal pockets and swollen gums make it difficult to clean plaque on your own.

Una vez que esta enfermedad comienza, intervención profesional es necesaria para evitar su progreso! 

Book Your Periodontal Maintenance Visit!

Cosmetic Dentist consultation for gum disease and cavity for smile makeover atfor preventive dentistry at Parklane Dental in temple cityYour gum disease may get worse without professional treatment!

If you follow through with your periodontal maintenance, you are more likely to keep your teeth.

Gum disease is a manageable disease with professional dental care from our hygiene team.

Let’s start protecting your teeth to keep your gum disease in control!

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