Meet Dr.. Timoteo

Dr. Timothy Ng is a general dentist at Parklane Dental who enjoys practicing family and Odontología cosmetica! Él cree que al proporcionar atención odontológica integral y compasivo, que mejorará la salud general del paciente, autoestima, la confianza y la calidad de vida.

Dr. Ng understands how many patients can feel rushed and stressed at their visits, and through his training and expertise, Dr. Ng strives to make all his patientsvisits positive and comfortable by ensuring quality patient time with our patients during consultation and examination.


Having grown up locally in San Gabriel Valley, Dr. Tim went to school right here in Arcadia! He then went toreceive his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from University of California, Los Angeles.

Realizing the impact and importance that dentistry has on patient’s psychology and overall health while volunteering, he furthered his education and received his Doctorate’s Degree from Temple University, Maurice H. Escuela de Odontología Kornberg.

He completed a hospital based general practice residency at Community Regional Medical Center, Fresno. Durante su residencia, he focused his curriculum on rotating through community and veteran clinics while receiving advance training in prosthodontics, periodoncia, endodoncia, y odontología de emergencia. 


Dado que la odontología está en constante avance, Dr. Ng continúa educando y mejorar su clínica y habilidades técnicas mediante cursos de formación continua. On the weekends, he actively volunteers and provides free dental care to desatendidos comunidades a través de la Asociación Dental de California (CDA), TeamSmile, and other local events in nuestra comunidad  

Durante su tiempo libre, Dr. Ng loves to work on his fitness and stay active in the outdoors. With an ear for music, he enjoys jamming some tunes on his guitar and ukulele.

Dr. Ng atiende pacientes en las ubicaciones de Arcadia y Temple City, but also loves to specially welcome patients in the Gudetama room at Sanrio Amigos x Parklane Dental.

Book your next visit with Dr. Tim at 626.247.4788!