Promoción especial

Nuevo paquete para pacientes
(For patients without PPO coverage)

$150 new patient exam and xrays - conditions applyNo coverage?

No worry!

Back from popular demand, Parklane Dental is excited to offer our new patient special!

doctors talking to a patient

This exclusive offer includes a comprehensive patient exam with our doctor, x-rays for the visit, and an option for general dental cleaning (in the absence of gum disease).

Our patients love this affordable special for a relaxing visit at our premiado dental centers in Arcadia and Temple City!

This special can be used by our new patients with HMO insurances that assign you a different dentist.

For patients without insurance coverage, this special brings you our world-class dental care in an affordable and comfortable package!

Ready for your fresh smile?

What does this special include?

Gudetama Dentist reviewing x-rays with adult patientThe discounted special includes a comprehensive dental exam yrayos X for patients without seguro dental or PPO coverage.

The special is new patient only is $150. For children aged 5 or younger, the package is $110.

por orthodontic dentistry (tirantes, Invisalign, retenedores), tu consultation is complimentary from our orthodontic team. You can call us for more details about your free ortho consultation!

  • During your visit, our dental team will use our advance technology to take all necessary rayos X.
  • X-rays help our dentists identify dental issues in your teeth (as our eyes can’t see everything in your mouth!)
  • During a comprehensive dental examination, our dentist will review your x-rays, your dental health, and your smile concerns and needs.
  • We will present our diagnosis specific to your smile goals and discuss solutions for the dream smile you deserve!

Limpieza dental

Patient Sharing love for Dental Hygienist after teeth cleaningRestore your teeth back to health with a general teeth cleaning!

If you are a candidate for teeth cleaning , then a general teeth cleaning can leave you feeling fresh!

Our team of dental hygienists are excited to welcome you your teeth cleaning at Parklane Dental!

Adult dental patient happy with teeth cleaning with dental hygienist from Parklane Dental¿Qué es la enfermedad periodontal??

Si enfermedad de las encías está presente, una limpieza general se NO eliminar la fuente de las bacterias!

En presencia de enfermedad de las encías, a limpieza profunda is required as a special treatment.

This dental service from our dental hygienists focus on getting rid of bacteria and tartar buildup in perio pockets underneath the gums.

This is a specialized dental service from our dental hygiene team at Parklane Dental to address your gum disease.

Dental oral care Kit

Dr. To giving patient a dental oral care kit

Our team is here to take care of you even when you’re at home!

All our dental cleaning patients will receive a complimentary dental oral care kit at your next cleaning visits.

This dental selfcare kit includes dental toiletries to stay safe and health at home!

At SanrioxParklane, we are featuring Badtz-Maru as our Sanrio Friend this dental season. For extra cuteness to your everyday dental selfcare, book your visit to our Ubicación de Temple City to collect this limited edition bag!


Doctor with a clipboard

You may have questions about booking your first visit. And we’re here to help!

The best way to schedule your dental appointment is to call us by phone.

Patients may find it more comfortable to chat about sensitive health information by phone.

Your doctor is happy to discuss your treatment options at your consultation! For orthodontic consultations (brackets e Invisalign), tu orthodontic consultation is complimentary!

Pediatric Patient at Parklane Dental

Reserve su visita!

This special is for new patients of all ages!

Adults, niños, and families can visit our convenient locations inArcadia and alsoTemple City, California for our exclusive Sanrio Friends x Parklane Dental experience.

We thank you for taking the first step in your dental health!

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