Meet Dr.. kevin brewer!

Dr. Kevin Brewer

Dr. Kevin Brewer is the head of our oral surgery team here at Parklane Dental!

His training across the United States in dental medicine helps him understand how scary coming in for difficult extracciones can be.

With extensive education in dental medicine, Dr. Brewer brings deep specialty focus to help patients build a beautiful smile.

Oral surgeon Dr. Kevin Brewer playing piano at Christmas PartyOur patients appreciate Dr. Brewer’s openness with his patientsa philosophy he strongly believes in by providing you with the best dental care and knowledge to make the best decision for your dental health.

Oral surgery treatment such as implantes dentales can be over the course of a year, and you can be sure Dr. Brewer will bring comfort and experience to your visit.


Dr. Kevin Brewer and other doctors

Dr. Brewer grew up in Arkansas with his family, and moved to Arkadelphia to begin his collegiate career, where he earned his Bachelor’s at Ouachita Baptist University.

Having graduated at the top of his class, Summa Cum Laude with Honors, Dr. Brewer developed a curiosity for tough challenges, and soon discovered a way to channel this passion to help patients with their smile.

Dr. Brewer then moved to Dallas, Texas to begin his path in dental medicine at Texas A&M University.

He completed his dental degree at the Baylor College of Dentistry, and was accepted into oral surgery and general surgery internships at the University of Florida, Jacksonville.

Dr. Brewer developed a keen sense of understanding difficult problems, and completed his medical degree with an cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial residency.

He is an active member of numerous professional organizations including the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, la Asociación Dental Americana, la Asociación Dental de California, and the California Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.


Dr. Kevin Brewer and his childDr. Brewer grew up in Arkansas where he develop a love for exploring the great outdoors and the wilderness with his friends and family.

Moving to Texas and Florida opened up the world of traveling, and he enjoys going to new destinations with his wife and children.

When not actively volunteering on the national oral surgery board, Dr. Brewer loves to play some music and practice the piano.

Ask him what the latest song he is rocking out during the night at our next visit!

Ahora puede ver al Dr.. Brewer to see if you are right candidate for oral surgery treatments at Arcadia, CA!

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