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A smile makeover is a journey for everyone!

Smile makeover isn’t just about a new, natural look, but it’s also about refreshing your confidence in your smile!

I find that when our pacientes de todas las edades feel proud of their smile, they are more invested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and habits! Our patients feel satisfied with a complete smile makeover, and many often find they just need a small touch-up on one tooth.

Explore my recent smile makeover cases to see how it can renew your confidence!

Why Smile Makeover?

Cosmetic dentist with adult dental patient about smile makeover consultationA smile makeover will transform your confidence in your dental health!

Crafting your dream smile is our mission here at Parklane Dental.

We design a natural look that fits the natural shape, size, and color of your teeth and gums. These smile makeover bring life-changing transformations for our patients.

Discover our recent transformations from our Cambio de imagen de sonrisa patients!

  • Patients love carillas para “Hollywoodstyle to fix chippings and malformations
  • Missing tooth? Implantes will bring you a natural, complete look!
  • Brighten your smile with options for professional blanqueo!
  • UNA straighter smile for a more natural and comfortable Mira!

If you have any questions about dental cosmetic treatments, do not hesitate to ask me at your smile makeover consultation.

Ready to see our smile transformations?

Learn More About Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover Gallery

Cosmetic Dentist showing Invisalign for smile makeover consultationYour smile journey is specific to your dental needs and goals.

We understand our patients have busy travel and work schedules.Our patients can also prefer taking their smile makeover journey in comfortable steps, one at a time.

después de consultoría Dr. Para Eric to hear your dental goals and needs, we personalize a treatment plan that is specific to your mouth

Here are our some of our recent cases where our patients wanted to work on one specific smile goal.

 antes de & After for 8 veneers for smile makeover


Cosmetic dental patients love cosmetic veneers for their cosmetic dental treatment.Each veneer is individually crafted to be unique yet balanced to your whole smile.

 Before and After Photo of Dental Crowns and Veneer for Smile Makeover at Parklane Dental

Coronas dentales

Patients can prefer coronas dentales for restoration treatments. Dental crowns let patients choose a look with cosmetic enhancements to restore the original size and shape of their teeth.

Before & After of 1 Dental Veneer for Smile Makeover

Vinculación cosmética

Algunas veces, only one of your teeth might need restoration, and cosmetic enhancement with veneer and dental inlays & outlays to improve the look one look is just what you are looking for!

antes de & After for Dental Veneers and Crowns for Smile Makeover

Cosmetic Makeover

A mix of both dental veneers and crowns is a great way to accurately match the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth! It also strengthen and protect your teeth structure when more than fillings are needed.

antes de & After for dental implants, corona, and invisalign for smile makeover at Parklane Dental
Implantes dentales

Con implantes dentales, our oral surgeons can restore the structure and the aesthetics of a missing tooth! This is a common treatment when your tooth’s cap and roots are not present.

 Before and After for Teeth Whitening and Dental Veneers for Smile Makeover

Blanqueamiento dental

Modern blanqueamiento dental can target all your teeth for a whole mouth service. Professional in-office whitening and a Take-Home Whiting Kit are effective and convenient options for patients.

 antes de & After for Dental Veneers, Puente, and Implant for Smilemakeover

Dental Bridge

You might be a candidate for dental bridge! This dental treatment relies on your neighbor teeth to structure and restore the look of a missing tooth!

 Before and After of Braces, coronas, and Implants for Smile Makeover at Parklane Dental


Correcting teeth alignment requires orthodontics. Tirantes can fix poor bite positions and straighten your smile, yInvisalign is a popular alternative for removable aligners!

Complete Smile Makeover with Veneers

Looking for a whole new smile?

Patients look for a Tratamiento dental journey that can address the whole mouth for a complete smile makeover.

En algunos casos, carillas de porcelana can brighten and change the entire look of the teeth and gums. This complete smile makeover with cosmetic veneers is a popular way to regain confidence in your smile!

9x Carillas

antes deDespués

8x Carillas

Después Después

6x Carillas

6 Después de la unidad carillas 6 Antes unidad carillas

10x Carillas


10 Unit Veneers Before 10 Después de la unidad carillas

More Smile Makeovers

Woman reading dental magazine featuring Dr. Eric To from Parklane DentalJust one dental touchup can change the way your smile looks!

I love featuring my recent smile makeover cases with details! You can see the life-changing smile transformations from our cosmetic dental team on ourInstagram and Facebook!

Don’t be afraid to ask how about your dream smile at your visit to Parklane Dental!

See More Smile Makeovers!

con el paciente!

Everyone deserves a smile you can share with your family and friends!

New pacientes de todas las edades can book a smile makeover visit to our locations!

A healthy, beautiful smile needs to look natural and aesthetically pleasing. Our expertise and artistry in cosmetic dentistry will help design your dream smile that you’ve been waiting for!

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