Meet Dr.. Para Eric

Dr. Para Eric

Hello there! This is Dr. Para Eric, el fundador de Parklane Dental!

Transforming your confidence is not just my expertise, but it’s my life-long passion!

With over 15 years of cosmetic dentistry experience, I am proud to have improved thousands of smiles with my focus on smile makeovers and veneers.

General and cosmetic dentist celebrating company anniversary with dental teamI honestly really love combining creativity with my love for dental artistry to design the dream smile you deserve.

I believe patients of all ages deserve a smile they can feel proud to share with the world. Sometimes life happens, and accidents can change the look of our smile.

But with our modern technology and materials, my dental team is ready to restore your confidence in your smile.


transformar la sonrisa, with veneers, coronas, puentes, o dentaduras postizas, are quite aesthetically and intellectually stimulating to me. To me, designing a new smile is like solving a new puzzle!

The improvement in confidence that my smile makeovers bring to his patients is worth all my hard work and time to custom design every patient’s new smile!

Dr. Eric To and staffWhen designing smile makeovers, it is very important to me that I listen to your dental needs and meet your dental goals for a natural smile. On every hermosa sonrisa, I focus on matching the shape, color, and size of your teeth for the highest standard of aesthetics.

This helps me find the right treatments that are only necessary y the right aesthetic fit for you.

After opening our first location in Arcadia, I am excited to partner with Sanrio Friends to launch the world’s only dentistry con Hello Kitty, Gudetama, and their friends in Temple City!

I am proud to found Parklane Dental as a community where you can feel comfortable and relaxed in making important health decisions. My team can’t wait to show you our world-class experience!

My Passion

Cosmetic doctor conducting dental exam on pediatric student at local schoolDuring my spare time, you can find me relaxing with a musical session with my violin. Taking my kids out for activities, I always look forward to playing soccer with my son and family.

See if you can guess my favorite team at your next visit!

It’s my privilege to share my passion on camera and television! It was such a magical moment to chat with Dr. Oz on FOX 11 Los Angeles!

Cosmetic Dentist conducting interview on radio in Los AngelesI am honored to be awarded the Pasadena Top Dentist, and America’s Top Dentist, and Los Angeles Top Dentist for my commitment to volunteering and dental education.

Con nuestro Dar a los niños una sonrisa program, I am a lifelong advocate of restoring dental health for kids in our community.

I grew up seeing and experience poor dental health for my family, and I hope our Parklane Dental team can help bring dental health to my local schools!

My expertise

Dr. Eric To in hello kitty roomI still fondly remember my first smile makeover case from my 15 years of cosmetic dentistry!

It feels like just yesterday, but I began my collegiate education many decades ago in Canada. I moved to the Big Apple to begin my dental journey!

I knew in my heart it was I can bring the most change, and I am always grateful for my family support for my residency in the beloved New York City!

At Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery, I discover the challenge of solving complicated dental issues, and soon I found my curiosity for redesigning smiles with cosmetic dentistry. After graduating with top of my class distinctionsI decided to pursue the art of odontología estética!

Cosmetic dentist welcoming the viewer into the consultation roomWith my eyes on designing dream smiles, I moved to Los Angeles to begin my advance education residency at USC School of Dentistry. As part of my commitment to continual learning about crowns and veneers, I served as a preclinical instructor at USC where I taught dental students proper hygiene techniques.

I soon fell love with Southern California, and I felt lucky to bring my smile makeovers to Los Angeles with the ever loving support of my wife!

Expanding my knowledge to teeth alignment, I am thrilled to deliver straight teeth as Platinum Provider for Invisalign!

Keeping up with constant changes in dentistry is very important, and it’s a joy to attend continuing education courses for innovative techniques and materials with my colleagues as a member of the American Dental Association, la Asociación Dental de California, y la Sociedad Dental Valle de San Gabriel!

Ready For Your Smile Makeover?

Dr. Eric To and Hello Kitty

Du Zhenxuan dentista Dr. Perfil

El Dr. Du Zhenxuan dentista ganó varias veces el título de mejores dentistas de la nación y el área de Los Ángeles,La corriente principal de programas de televisión china dentista invitado especial。Du, MD, fundador de Park Lane Dental también ha sido nombrado Mejor Premio de Diseño Clínica Dental de la nación, Du, MD, es el primer chino que se concederán este dentista de honor。Parkside Dental es una celebridad preferida dental en California y Hong Kong estrellas。

Perfil Parkside Dental

Parkside fundador Dental Dr. Du Zhenxuan dentista se graduó con honores de la Universidad de Columbia,Du médico del equipo de profesionales dirigido continúe proporcionando el mejor cuidado dental para todos, Junto con el equipo dental más avanzada y los instrumentos,Parkside Dental fue galardonado con el Premio de Diseño Mejor Clínica Dental Nacional。

Dr. Los huevos son deliciosos... cocidos

médicos du han ganado en varias ocasiones el título de mejor dentista de la nación en Los Ángeles y sus alrededores。Como un experimentado innumerables,médico dental cosmético especializada,incluso los médicos du sido invitados al programa principal de televisión china como oradores invitados dentista, Hemos sido proporcionar las más avanzadas,El conocimiento más completo del cuidado dental。

adultos y niños que asisten a Parkside Dental Family Dentistry,Odontología cosmética,aparatos de ortodoncia tradicionales y transparente,cirugía dental quirúrgica,Incluyendo la terapia de implantes。La dirección es 815 W. naomi Ave, suite de L, Temple CityArcadia, California 91780. Yingyeshijian lunes a sábado,09 a.m.-18:00。teléfono 626-445-3388.

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