What Happens at A Dental Exam?

Dentista cosmético que muestra Invisalign para una consulta de cambio de imagen de sonrisa con un paciente adulto masculinoA dental exam at Parklane Dental is the first step in your smile journey!

Our Smile Makeover experts begin your dental care with a dental exam. This lets us hear your dental concerns and discuss your personal smile journey!

Every patient, adult and kids, deserve a chance to improve their smile confidence with our dentists.

Let’s find out where beautiful smiles begin!

Should I Be Scared of The Dentist?

Cosmetic and general dentist with young child female patient at an exam for preventive and restorative dentistryEvery visit is prepared for you in mind!

We understand how scary a visit can be. Our Arcadia and Temple City dentists made it our mission to tailor a comfortable and stress-free dental visit for both adults and kids.

  • Advance Digital X-ray means pain-less images with way less radiation!
  • Our expert hygienists bring you comfortable yet thorough limpieza!
  • Stream your favorite show or cast your film from your phone to the TV!

Patients with dental phobia feel can relax at our award-winning dental centers, voted by the American Dental Association, en Arcadia, California! 

Con la ayuda de Hello Kitty y Gudetama., we are excited to invite you to the world’s first Sanrio dentistry featuring Little Twin Stars and Badtz-Maru.

What Happens At A Dental Exam?

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Mary He with female adult patient for Smile Makeover and dental exam at a dental operatory roomIt’s time for a new and modern take on dentistry!

We begin with a thorough and detailed physical exam of your teeth, Una dentadura postiza o una dentadura completa como a menudo se le llama, and mouth. This lets us check every corner and surface of your teeth so we can catch all signs of dental concerns.

Who wouldn’t love a spa for our teeth?

  • Enjoy our complimentary Oral Cancer screening to stay healthy!
  • We review x-rays with you to prevent and solve problems together!
  • Our cosmetic dentists tailor your smile journey based on your unique smile needs!

Our philosophy of natural look means our dental specialists recommend only necessary and minimal tratamiento.

A natural smile means showing off the best of your smile confidence!

What About Smile Makeover?

Our compassionate cosmetic dentists believe everyone deserves a confidence smile in our judgement-free zone. We are experts are crafting a personalized plan with veneers and dental bonding.

Just ask for a free Cambio de sonrisa consultation at your visit

Cosmetic dentist with adult female patient for dental exam and Invisalign consultation at Parklane Dental in Arcadia, California


 What About Straight Smiles?

Our orthodontist is our in-house expert at straightening teeth and fixing gaps. There is no challenge we won’t check with tirantes y Invisalign

Are you ready for your complimentary consultation with our orthodontist?

Cosmetic dentist with male adult patient for Smile Makeover consultation on dental implants and braces and crowns in Hello Kitty themed room


 What About Dental Specialists?

Our in-house dental specialists include our orthodontist, cirujano oral, cosmetic dentist, y odontopediatra.

We have dedicated teams for dental specialist, so don’t hesitate on letting us know what you need! We can get you to our right dental expert to take care of your dental needs!

Orthodontist and Cosmetic Dentist preparing for a smile makeover consultation before an exam


We Got You Covered!

Dental Hygienist cleaning adult female patient for preventive dentistry at Badtz-Maru Themed Room in Parklane Dental in Temple CityOur doctors look for the best ways to keep you healthy beyond our dental centers! And that means says hello to your new dental kit!

We are excited to share new dental goodies from our community partners to replace your old toothbrush and toothpaste at every cleaning visit.

Ready for a visit to the dentist that patients love?

Ready For Your Visit?

Dentista general y cosmético con paciente pediátrico después de un chequeo dental en Parklane DentalPatients love to book their dental appointments ahead to fit their lifestyle!

With convenient locations in Temple City y Arcadia in California, it’s time to improve your smile confidence with all our smile experts under one dental roof!

Major insurances are accepted, so you can be sure you’ll get the best care possible!

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