Frenos Gratis & examen invisalign!

Patient holding Invisalign clear aligner trays for orthodontic dentistry for free Invisalign and braces exam

Parklane Dental believes in improving your confidence by delivering straighter smiles with braces and Invisalign!

If you have been daydreaming what your straight smile would look like, you are not alone!

Our Arcadia orthodontist can get smile confidence back for adults and kidsSay no more to crooked teeth, open gaps, and odd bites!

What is a Free Braces & Invisalign exam?

Dentista cosmético mostrando Invisalign para consulta de cambio de imagen de sonrisaMany patients loveorthodontic treatments to straighten their teeth misalignment and correct their poor teeth position

But there are many orthodontic options, and choosing the right treatment to align your teeth positions can be difficult for your Cambio de imagen de sonrisa journey.

That is why our ortodoncista in Arcadia believes in helping patients of all ages to choose the best orthodontic treatment at your complimentary consultation exam.

What Happens At the Exam?

woman pointing at her bracesDuring the complimentary consultation, you can ask our orthodontist about your straightening questions. Our orthodontist will listen to your straightening needs and smile goals to design yoursonrisa de ensueño with braces and Invisalign!

This special is available for patients without insurance eligibility. Your seguro dental might cover your visit with our orthodontist.

Ready for our orthodontist to take a look?

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What About Braces and brackets?

Image of children with braces

Today’s orthodontic treatments offer more types of tirantes than ever before!

Our orthodontic treatments can straighten your teeth and meet your dental goals for both simple fix or complex shifts!

Braces can handle almost any misalignment problem, and they are are the popular option for our teenage and child patients

Looking for to improve smile confidence with a comfortable and quick teeth straightening options

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What About Invisalign (alineadores claros)?

Invisalign Consultation with Cosmetic Dentist at Parklane DentalWhy dopatients choose Invisalign to straighten more comfortably?

Our Platinum-level Invisalign providers are experienced in delivering clear aligners, conocido como Invisalign, that are easy and convenient to use at work and school!

  • The clear aligners are transparent and retirable, giving you the libertad to eat and drink like normal!
  • Patients can see Invisalign smile results in as little as 6 meses, without appearance of braces!

Invisalign clear aligners with Hello Kitty dental case

With fast and precise 3D scan of your teeth, our Arcadia dentists and Temple City dentists design your Invisalign smile that you want with you!

Ready for our orthodontist to show you your new smile?

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Are Braces and Invisalign for me?

Adult Sanrio Fan who loves Gudetama at Parklane DentalInvisalign and braces are available atArcadia, California yTemple City, California as an orthodontic treatment for a straighter smile.

Learn more and chat with our orthodontist attu consulta de ortodoncia gratuita for both braces, retenedores, e Invisalign! 

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