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(March, 2020)

February was National Children’s Dental Health Month! Cavity can appear after the presence of new baby teeth, so prevention through proper oral care is the best way to keep baby teeth young and healthy. This year, Parklane Dental made it our mission to teach children oral hygiene at local pre-k and elementary schools through our community outreach program, “Give Kids A Smile.

Earlier this year, Parklane Dental was thrilled to invite Hello Kitty to join our dental education team! This was the first time Hello Kitty is participating in children oral hygiene education in the United States. Collaborating with Parklane Dental, Hello Kitty was excited to select the top local schools in San Gabriel Valley for her first US visit!


In February and March, Dr. Eric To and the Parklane Dental team taught over thousands of young students in San Gabriel Valley. Our team was excited to engage students with fun and interactive games to learn brushing techniques. During the presentation, Parklane Dental team educated students on the important of starting oral hygiene habits at a young age.

Sponsored by the American Dental Association, Colgate, and Sanrio, the Parklane Dental team brought special, complimentary gift packages to every student during our visits. After meeting Hello Kitty with a beautiful smile, each student left with a Hello Kitty-themed goodie bag and an oral hygiene kit to help start their oral care journey!