What is Restorative Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentist educating adult patient on cavity and root canal for restorative dentistryCavities and tooth decay bothering your smile?

Our Smile Makeover dentists are experts at restoring a smile to its natural beauty! We transform smiles with our expertise in restorative dentistry with dental crowns and bridges.

Here are common restorative dental treatments with our Arcadia and Temple City dentists!

What Are Restorative Treatments?

Cosmetic dentist showing restorative dentistry for dental implants and dental crown on 3D digital device If you have a tooth with holes and stains from cavities, you may be in need of restorative treatments!

Restorative dentistry is an area of focus on repairing or replacing teeth! It offers many treatments to patch teeth back to health and function.

Teeth are often damaged from bacteria in plaque. This is because the bacteria eats the starch and sugar in food leftovers and releases acid on teeth enamel.

Con el tiempo, this can lead to tooth pain! The acid can badly eat away the enamel of your teeth. When this happen, restorative treatments are needed to stop the damage from worsening.

What Are Common Treatments for Restorative Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentist planning dental crown and implant treatment for restorative dentistry in Hello Kitty roomThere are many treatments to help restore the health of your teeth! They all help stop further decay and also return the function of your full teeth and mouth.

Missing Teeth

What separates restorative dentistry from cosmetic dentistry is that it focuses on improving both the oral health and function of the teethespecially missing teeth!

  1. Los implantes dentales restore the function of teeth roots that are lost from whole tooth decay!
  2. Replacing arow of missing teeth is commonly treated with a puente dental.
  3. Traditional teeth replacement, dentadura postiza, can replace an entire arch of teeth!


Cosmetic dentist educating patient about dental implant and crown at consultation for restorative dentistryDifferent stages of surface cavities will decay a different amount of the enamel on the tooth. That means that treatments for every patient and every tooth is different.

  1. Coronas Dentales are best to repair large cavities or restore broken teeth!
  2. Medium-size, complicated decay? That’s where Incrustaciones y onlays come in!
  3. Tooth-colored Fillings are perfect to patch up small cavities!


Special treatments are needed when the cavity goes deep.This can happen when the decay or crack penetrates the surface to reach the pulp inside the toothcausing immense pain and infection!

  1. El tratamiento de conducto removes the diseased pulp and cleans the infection!
  2. When a tooth can’t be saved, a extracción dental stops further infection!

You might be wondering why restorative dentistry? It’s important because the treatments can give you a longer lasting oral health.

It’s very important to stop infections and restore the function of your mouthso that you can eat and talk like normal!

READY To Restore Your Smile?

Paciente dental adulto feliz con cambio de imagen de sonrisa con carillas de dentista cosmético en Parklane DentalTooth decay is not reversible! Don’t wait on that tooth decay, and let our expert dentists get you back to health!

Don’t worry about any severity, because our Arcadia and Temple City dentists can restore the damage with dental crowns and fillings.

Are you ready to see a new smile that will last for years?