preparing for your First Visit

您最初的任命将包括一个咨询,解释你的诊断和治疗方案. 偶尔, treatment can be done on the same day as the consultation. During your consultation with 博士. 到 and our dental team examining your medical and dental history, your dentist might present an evaluation and a treatment plan. A second appointment on another day might be necessary to give time for your dental team to prepare your treatment with as much time as needed to ensure your satisfaction.

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1) COVID Screening

Your health is on our mind, and we are taking proactive steps to keep Parklane Dental safe for your visit as part of 我们的COVID回应. During your call, our team members will ask some screening questions on COVID-19.

  • All visitors and team members will be asked screening questions on COVID-19 and checked daily for temperature by infrared.
  • Your dental team here has enhanced our infection control and increased routine cleaning of surfaces with medical-grade disinfectant.
  • All our team members are equipped with and instructed in the use of personal protective equipment (个人防护装备) and follow proper dental hygiene etiquette.
  • We practice physical distancing in our patient areas with more open-spaced seating and 6-feet distancing, the option to wait in your vehicle, removing magazines and toys, and installing sneeze guards.
  • Patients must wear masks, and entry is permitted for patients with appointments only (and one guardian per minor).

2) 您转诊单和任何X射线的(如果适用).

如果您以前的牙医最近采取的X射线 (6个月内), you may request her office to forward them to our office. 如果没有足够的时间, please pick up a digital or physical copy from your previous dentist and bring them to our office. If additional films are necessary in addition to your previous x-rays, they can be taken at our facility with the convenience of our x-ray technology inside every room!

如果您有关于X射线的问题, 请访问我们的 X射线页面 更多信息, 或者拨打我们的阿卡迪亚办公室 626.445.3388 或者我们的庙市办公室 626.247.4788.


  • 如果另一位医生称你柏丽牙科, your referral slip would help in communicating your dental information to our team of doctors.
  • If you have taken x-ray’s at your previous dentist, you may request your previous dentist to send your x-ray’s to our office.

3) 药物的清单你目前服用.

Medications you are presently taking may affect the medications and treatment procedures that you receive here. 请咨询医生. To and your dental team for more details regarding your medication

Please alert the office if you have a medical condition that may be of concern prior to any dental surgery (即. 糖尿病, 高血压, 人工心脏瓣膜和关节, 风湿热, 等等) 或者如果你是任何药物 (即. 心脏药物, 阿司匹林, 抗凝治疗, 等等) 或需要药物之前牙齿清洗 (即抗生素, 为医学预科。)

4) 如果你有医疗或 牙科保险, 带来的必要填妥的表格的副本.


经常, 您的保险可能会发出一个 “保险卡” 包含一些关于你的保险计划中最重要的信息. 重要细节包括保险计划, 保险集团姓名和身份证号码, coverage date, 和用户 (名称, 出生日期, 关系到病人, 和ID号码).

5) 请到货 15 您的预约前分钟。

由于我们重视病人的时间, we request our new patients to arrive early before your appointment. This will give you more time to fill out paperwork and patient information and medical history.

IMPORTANT FOR MINORS: 父母或监护人必须伴随所有患者 因年龄 18 在咨询访问. 如果传入的病人是岁以下 18, 父母或监护人必须在场签署金融, 医, 和知情同意书的所有治疗及程序.

As part of our COVID response, we ask that only one guardian or parent accompany any minor for his or her dental visit here at Parklane Dental. Thank you for helping us keep our community safe!