Hello kitty Retainer Tray

Hello Kitty Retainers!Our special retainer tray is here!

Exclusive for our orthodontic patients at Sanrio x Parklane, this special case is perfect to store Invisalign的 (clear aligners) and also any post-treatment retainers! With clear aligners, you can continue to enjoy the things you love as your smile transforms! Treatment is uniquely designed for you and your smile, all without interrupting your lifestyle. Ask us during our Invisalign的月 special event why this is a great choice for you!

Pick Hello Kitty as your dental bestie!Pick Hello Kitty as your dental bestie! Bright and adorable, this container box is perfect to hold your clear aligners (Invisalign的) or your retainers. Using this dental case will spice up your orthodontic treatment with Hello Kitty dentist!

Orthodontic Patients

This cute exclusive Hello Kitty retainer box will be available to our 所有年龄段的患者 at Parklane Dental in Temple City. Patients can undergo braces or clear aligners (Invisalign的) to receive this special gift. Book your visit now!

Invisalign and Braces

Ask your dental team in Temple City, CA to take care of your braces and Invisalign needs! We’ll be using the state of the art technology to take a 3D Image of your teeth, so you can see your beautiful smile before beginning your orthodontic treatment.

Exclusive: During our current special event thru the end of June 2020, new orthodontic patients will also receive a complimentary 带回家的美白套装! Get that beautiful smile you want with a personalized teeth whitening treatment a value of $200.00! Because of limited availability and popular demand, call us now!

Book your free orthodontic consultation with Hello Kitty at 626.247.4788!