Scheduling an appointment

Scheduling an appointment at パークレーン歯科 has never been easier. Whether for dental checkup or toothache emergency, we are open to すべての年齢の患者 for a wide range of dental services.

  • 今すぐお電話ください! 
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  1. に電話して626.445.3388 (アルカディア) 若しくは626.247.4788 (寺市).
  2. Check your visit time and info with our Patient Specialists!
  3. Confirm your visit details and COVID symptom check in a reminder call!

Business Hours

Parklane Dental is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 までAM 6:00 PM.

We will schedule your appointment and return your calls as promptly as possible!


If you have pain or a dental emergency, every attempt will be made to accommodate you that day.If your situation is an urgent situation, 即時の医療支援のための緊急の部屋や、あなたの近くの病院を参照してください。.

Appointment Time


私たちはあなたの待ち時間を最小限に抑えるために、スケジュールに滞在するために全力を尽くします! The length of your appointment is set to accommodate your unique treatment. Emergency from earlier appointments can cause delays in the day. We will notify you of unexpected changes. Thank you for your understanding

Appointment Changes


For requests to reschedule your visit, please call us at least two (2) days before the appointment.

If you will be late, pleasecall us as soon as you can. 私たちは、すべての患者を収容するために最善を尽くします; however, あなたはより多くのであれば 10 分遅れ, ご予約は自動的に没収されます.


Both our award-winning dentistry in Arcadia, CA and Sanrio x Parklane Dental 寺市, CA welcome すべての年齢の患者! Bring your parents and children for all family fun!

Visit us at アルカディア (626.445.3388) そして 寺市 (626.247.4788)!