Welcome to our Temple City Family!

Hello Kitty welcoming new dental patients in patient lobby at Sanrio Friends dental office感谢您迈出美丽的第一步, 健康的微笑!

Your smile experts are thrilled to welcome you to your Sanrio Friends dental office here in Temple City.

我们的顶级美容牙医团队, 牙齿矫正医生, 和口腔外科医生一起致力于照顾您的每一步.


成年患者探访 Hello KittyWe are hard at work finding the next best availability for your first visit to our world’s only Hello Kitty dentistry in Temple City.

完成在线预约请求后, 我们的治疗协调员将在几天内尽快与您联系.

With help with Gudetama, our patients love to book their visit months in advance to fit their busy lifestyle. 通话期间, 我们将确认您的 约会日期和时间.

如果您喜欢通过电话与我们聊天, please call your dental team at Temple City at 626-247-4788.


医生显示牙龈疾病的迹象每个患者都有不同的牙科需求, 但微笑改造之旅适合每个人!

Your general dentist will conduct a comprehensive exam of your dental health at your first visit.

We will recommend 牙科服务 that are specific to your dental condition.


If you are seeking dental specialty, please do not hesitate to inform our Treatment Coordinator over the phone to find the best specialist consultation for your visit!

不止一种专业, 您可以根据需要提交另一个在线请求!


Hello Kitty 牙科诊所患者大厅的美容牙医和儿科牙医我们的顶级牙医和微笑专家随时准备与您合作设计您的微笑!

We believe you deserve a smile you can be proud of. 我们所有的牙医和牙科专家都在您的指尖 全面的牙齿护理 在帕克兰牙科医院.

You can be sure all our dental specialty teams work hand in hand to personalize your smile journey.

这意味着当你来这里 微笑改头换面, 我们的美容牙医会咨询我们的正畸医生, 口腔外科医生, 和儿科牙医为您打造最佳微笑之旅.



嘿, 我们了解您很高兴在 Parklane 牙科看到您的新牙科团队! 

轻松访问我们的牙科中心, 我们鼓励我们的患者花点时间准备您的就诊.

如果你有 保险信息 或以前牙医的 X 光片, 最好安排将文件带给我们的牙医.

You may e-mail your documents and information to your Treatment Coordinator at Arcadia at [email protected]

Don’t forget to review our handy guide and tips for your first visit!



与成人牙科患者的美容牙医关于微笑改造咨询We are committed to taking care of your smile for a comfortable experience you can relax in!


如果您对访问有一般性问题, 我们很乐意照顾您并解决您的疑虑!

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