(游行 11, 2020)

Parklane Dental is committed to the health and safety of our patients, team members, and guests. Infection control is our top priority during the height of this cold and flu season, and we will continue to closely monitor the state and county health departments and the US Centers for Disease Control for updates on the COVID-19 situation. In light of recent development, we thought we’d take the proactive approach and share with you how we keep your health and safety at the top of our list at Parklane Dental.


在这个感冒和流感季节的高度, 该 相同的手法 即停止这些常见疾病的传播是由CDC建议。防止暴露于感冒和流感的最好方法是遵循这些时间,值得信赖的秘诀:

  • 用肥皂和水经常洗手经常,定期. 酒精类洗手液同样有效。
  • 避免触摸眼睛, 鼻子和嘴不洗手.
  • 避免与人谁生病了密切接触.
  • 留在家里当你生病并在必要时就医.
  • 掩住咳嗽或用纸巾或手肘打喷嚏. 洗手后,如果您使用一个组织。
  • 得到充足的休息, 多喝水, 吃健康食品, 和管理你的压力,让您的免疫力强.

What We Are Doing

Hygiene is at the core at every sound dental practice. When you arrive at Parklane Dental, you will greeted with that familiar dentist office clean scent indicates our adherence to the strict guidelines set by the 美国牙科协会 and the CDC. Combined with our daily janitorial service cleanings, our procedures include disinfectant cleanings in all appointment rooms, equipment, and surfaces for every patient and appointment.

All Parklane Dental team members will continue to

  • decontaminate all room and equipment for every patient.
  • use new masks and gloves for every patient.
  • regularly wash their hands with soap.

Parklane Dental will continue to

  • disinfect all doorknobs and waiting and patient areas regularly at every hour.
  • comply strictly with all dental sterilization protocols updated for COVID-19.
  • use medical-grade disinfectant wipes and sterilization machines.

对我们所有人来说保持警惕我们自己的健康和健康,并要考虑周全我们的患者和那些谁是当前疫情而言是非常重要的, 感冒, flu and other illnesses.If you have additional concerns or experience signs of illnessplease consult your doctor for accurate and expert advice.

Your health and safety is important to the entire staff at Parklane Dental. If you ever have any questions we can address for you regarding this or any other concern, please call or drop inwe’ll be glad to assist.

Thank you,

博士. 埃里克


Please follow @CDCgov and @CDCemergency on Twitter for the latest update.