Parklane dental specialities


一个 牙齿矫正医生 is a dentist who prevents and treats mouth, 牙齿, and jaw problems for patients of all ages. Using many oral devices, an orthodontist helps straighten a patient’s teeth by correcting the way the jaws line up. Some of these devices are braces and retainers, but modern options include 清晰的大括号 that makes it convenient and simple for you at work or at school.

在柏丽牙科, our orthodontist 博士. 詹妮弗 · 吴 treats kids and adults for many problems in the mouth. 博士. Wu has decades of experience in treating crowded or overlapping teeth and problems with jaw growth and tooth development. These jaw and tooth problems may be caused by a variety of factors, often inherited or genetic. Some common factors are tooth decay, the loss of baby teeth too soon like by accidents, or even habits like thumb sucking.


Our dental team is concerned with the development and alignment of your teeth, because often they see a problem with your teeth or jaws during examination. 如果不及时治疗, the misalignment of the teeth can worsen over time. The longer the issue is left untreated, the more complicated your unique dental situation can become. Sometimes, maybe it’s the kid who doesn’t like the way his or her teeth might look might ask to see 博士. 詹妮弗 · 吴 here at Parklane Dental!


A pediatric dentist is a dentist with additional years of training beyond dental school to focus on the needs of children teeth. The additional training brings attention on the management and treatment of issues particular to children. Many of these issues concerns the particular rapidily growing teeth in your children. In particular, the development of teeth gives rise to many issues that might not be as relevant to adults with mature teeth.

Our pediatric dentist 博士. 凯莱如何 has specialized training in developing teeth, 孩子的行为, and the physical growth and development of children. 在Hello Kitty和Gudetama的帮助下, the pediatric team at Parklane Dental is geared to caring for the the special needs of children’s dentistry. We are here to help our young patients to feel at ease at Parklane Dental!


Oral and maxillofacial surgeons (业务管理系统) are dentists who specializes in the surgery of the mouth, 脸, and jaws. After initial four years of dental school, these dentists receive additional four to seven years of education that hones their dental knowledge with hospital-based surgical and medical training. This prepares our OMS to perform a wide range of proceduresincluding all types of surgery of both the soft tissues and the bone of the mouth, 脸, and jaws.

Our in-house OMS here at Parklane Dental helps patients with complex wisdom teeth issues, misaligned jaw, and concerns about oral cancer. At our Arcadia location, our OMS specializes in implants and tooth replacements, and he has decades of experience in complex cases. Some of these cases involve complicated procedures like bone graft or a series of procedures over a length of years. We are proud of our successful results, so don’t hesitate to ask us about oral surgery at 柏宁牙科!

What are other specialities?

what is a Periodontist?

牙周病是专攻的诊断和治疗牙周的牙医 (口香糖) 疾病. 他们有广泛的培训与研究的两年后牙科学校. 作为专家,他们将时间, 能源和技能传授给帮助病人照顾他们的牙肉. 牙周病是美国牙科协会认可的八名牙科专家之一.

Why are we referring you to a Periodontist?

你的牙医已确定您的牙龈需要特别注意. 牙周病和牙医一起工作作为一个团队,为您提供最高水平的护理. 他们将结合自己的经验就向您推荐最好的治疗方法可用,同时向另一方通报你的进展. 由你指的专科医生, 你的牙医表现出强大的承诺,对你的牙齿健康.


牙医会检查, 诊断和治疗疾病和破坏性进程, 包括受伤和异常的牙髓和根尖周组织的牙齿.

Endodontists 检查病人解释射线照相和纸浆测试,以确定牙髓活力和根尖周组织条件. 他们评价他们的研究结果,并订明的治疗,以防止牙齿缺失的一种方法.

Prosthodontist 是什么?

Prosthodontist 检查和诊断残疾所造成的损失的牙齿和支撑结构. 他们制定和执行治疗计划纠正赝复体的建设,以恢复应有的功能和美学的嘴里, 脸, 和下巴.