Take-home Whitening

Getting that brighter smile is now easier than ever! Everyone wants a vibrant smile, and our Take-Home Whitening treatment is perfect to share the very best version of yourself with comfort and ease!

This whitening treatment is affordable and effective, and many of our patients who are often on the go can bring this with ease.

This treatment will be something you can come back to again to revitalize your healthy smile and self-confidence

How is take-home teeth whitening done?


  • Works on people of all ages
  • 纠正褐色, 黄斑点的牙齿染色
  • Enhance your overall appearance
  • Does not damage your teeth!
  • A near-permanent solution for a dull smilerestoring brightness to bring your smile alive

Many patients choose our 带回家的美白套装 for its comfort and ease!

一个印象是采取使一个专门的护齿或支架保持对牙齿漂白剂. The impression has to be done at our office to create a 3D model of your mouth. 在只有一两天的自定义漂白夹板将随时为您挑选了.

我们为您提供与您放入清澈的夹板一种特殊的漂白剂. 该材料被用于每个晚上大约 3-4 hours for one or two weeks. At the end of this time, significant whitening will occur.在某些情况下, 变化是不折不扣的辉煌.

Parklane Dental现在提供美白牙齿!The best part of this treatment is you get to decide when and where at the comforts of your home. 只用几个小时,每天穿着, our special bleaching agent bubbles the stains right out of your enamel in a very short time. This process is done without altering tooth structure or existing dental work in any way.

When your teeth reaches the desired brightness, 只是偶尔的治疗是需要保持你的新莞人. If you feel discomfort or sensitivity, we encourage you to take a break and let your gums and teeth rest before continuing your treatment at home.Strengthening your confidence in your smile, this personalized bleaching technology improves your smile with the brightness you deserve

How long does Take-Home Whitening take?

This whitening kit is designed to be worn between four and eight hours per application. 博士. 到 会告诉你你应该多长时间佩戴每个应用程序.


博士. 到 将帮助你确定有多少应用是适合你!


  1. 该过程通常在连续的会话中执行, 每天的课程大约半小时.
  2. Before starting with the at-home whitening kit, 刷总是很重要的, 牙线, 并彻底冲洗以去除可能在治疗期间刺激牙龈的任何食物碎片.
  3. 治疗期间和之后, 你不能吃, 喝, 和烟 (因为装有美白药物的托盘正坐在你的嘴里).
  4. 然后, 一个简单的冲洗会冲走药物, 建议您避免进食, 喝, 或至少吸烟 30 每节课后的分钟.
  5. 经过一系列治疗, 后续约会可以帮助您跟踪结果,并与第一次访问时的参考阴影进行比较!

considerations for take-home Whitening

Our SanrioxParklane Dental patients can enjoy an exclusive 凯蒂猫Gudetama dental case! As part of your whitening journey, this dental case is perfect to store and protect your dental trays. This is a complimentary to our patients at our Temple City location

For heavily stained teeth, our in-office 放大! 治疗 offers a full serviced treatment where our dental team can take care of your whitening treatment in one visit. Ask us at your next visit which treatment is right for you!